Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taytum Nichole Hobley aka My NIECE!

Here is the promised picks of miss Taytum Nichole! Love her to death. I think she is a very good mix of both Ben and Rach. But some of her looks, especially when she is waking up from a nap, are a dead ringer for her mama. It's kinda weird seeing a mini Rach but I love her and that's all that matters!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Idaho State Fair

I love the fair! It was this past week and it was so much fun... like usual! :) For some reason I just love fair food. It tastes so much better than regular food. I think the dutch oven cooking is probably my fave. And the animals! Oh my heck I love the petting zoo! I made my fam go through all the barns with me looking at the cows and horses (even though we have our own to look at everyday lol). Then we moved on to the petting zoo! I love the little goats! And this year they had some adopt a pet type thing set up and all they had were puppies! There were baby yorkies, boxers, german shepherds, beagles and my favorite... a basset hound! I don't normally like hounds because of how much noise they make, but you just couldn't resist this little girl's face! She had so much extra skin. There were rolls of it everywhere. And she tried getting a drink of water and her ears got soaking wet! How freakin cute! Needless to say it's a good thing my parents were there or else I would have come home with a cow, a mini horse, a pygmie goat and a basset hound puppy.. Not sure how i would have gotten them all home, or where the money would have come from to purchase said animals, but I would have figured something out! I love animals. That's really all I have to say on that matter :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walmart--- Good vs. Evil

I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. I hate their lines. They have 50 checkout stands and only 5 people working. It makes for a long wait surrounded by screaming children and frustrated parents. I love that the entire store is a smorgisborg (just sound that one out ) of everything. If I ever have to waste time while I'm running errands I just go over to Wally world and spend an hour browsing. The only bad thing about this, I always find something that I don't need/didn't realize I wanted. And then I have to buy it. Like yesterday. I go to Walmart to buy a pencil sharpener for my new eyeliner. Total sidenote: they should mark on the package if you are going to need a sharpener for the eyeliner. I haven't had a non-self-sharpening eyeliner since I was twelve. Okay back on track.. I go to buy a pencil sharpener. Twenty dollars, one book, two movies, a candy bar, and some chapstick (don't forget the pencil sharpener) later, I walk out of the store. HeLLo. I totally get distracted when I'm in there. I just see all these cool doodads and fun toys and I think I just have to have them! I actually put some things back before I got to the checkout stand. I had this hot purple hammer/screwdriver set thingy which I loved. But what the heck would I have done with it? Obvious answer: hang something up! But everything is hung up and my dad has every tool I could ever want/need. At least I realized this BEFORE I left the store! It usually doesn't even occur to me until much later that I really don't need these things. And even then I can't really bring myself to feeling buyers remorse... hmm. What does that mean?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Babies, babies, babies EvErYwHeRe

So Rachie babe is currently in the hospital sweating through major contractions as I type this... Maybe she got the epidural already... Who knows?? I am SSSOOOOOO excited for my sweet baby niece to get here! I can't wait to hold her and smother her with kisses! Can you do that to a newborn?? Or do I have to give gentle air kisses? I think she'll be tough enough to handle the former :) Rach has been having contractions since like Sunday night. Talk about long labor! But apparently those were just weak contractions. She was supposed to get induced this morning but the baby beat her to it and her water broke all on its own. Kinda gross if you think about it too intensely. I just have this image of like a water balloon in her pants bursting and going everywhere... Probably doesn't happen like that but ya never know right? At least until it happens to you. Yet another reason NOT to have kids.. Who wants an exploding water balloon (that really doesn't have water in it at all, but something much more gruesome) to go off in their pants?! But I'm glad that Rach felt the need to do this so that I can have myself a cute little baby to spoil without all the draw backs ( like losing more than half of my sleep time... that's a serious issue). I'll post pics once rach has popped this baby out!

On a less personal note, meaning I'm not related to them, it seems that everyone is having babies. My best friend Lacy is only a month behind Rach getting ready to give me a nephew! Yep, she said I could be an aunt! :) Cierra is having a baby, Jill is adopting (but a baby is a baby, right?), Beckii has a son and just found out she's pregnant again, my aunt just had a baby and everywhere I look I see pregnant people. It might just be the town I live in... Three of my friends had babies earlier this year and even more of my friends have had a baby within the last two years and are working on other. Did I miss the memo that it's in fashion to be pregnant? I feel like I'm not with the times or something. Oh well. If I'm creating a fashion faux pas by NOT being pregnant guess I'll just have to live with the humiliation... LOL. Just take pity on me and buy me some ice cream.. Chocolate please!