Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Smokes!~ It's been ForEver!

Another month has come and gone! I can't believe it! Where has all the time gone? I feel like my birthday just happened! lol. So here's recap on the last month.
Memorial weekend was so much fun! First camping trip of the year and I can't wait for the rest of them! It was so much fun seeing family that I haven't seen in forever! And of course it being Idaho and all, it snowed and/or rained everyday we were there. Which was okay with me! lol. Spent a lot of time inside the campers playing games, eating junk food and having dance parties! Can I just say how much I LOVE camping food? Breakfasts are full of french toast and garbage eggs and pancakes and hash browns and fruit.. so good! Lunches are normal. Sandwiches and such.. nothing to brag about there. lol. But dinner! Oh My. YUMMY! Dutch oven potatoes and BBQ chicken. Scones, soups, burgers, hot dogs... I could eat this stuff all the time! But then it wouldn't taste as good so I guess I can wait. Here's a pic of the snow
And here's my sweet baby niece Taytum! Love this baby girl soooo much! :) Makes me want one of my own... Kinda. lol

On the one nice sunshiney day we wanted to ride bikes. My mother apparently has forgotten the art of bike riding and Bean tried to give her a "pump". Do you remember those? ahahahaha. Why do we call them "pumps"? So funny trying to watch her balance on that seat! hahaha

On memorial day I went hiking with two of my girlfriends up to Mesa Falls. It was so much fun! We goofed off way more than we probably should have but that's what we do. lol. On the drive up there I saw an abandoned train tunnel and I talked them into exploring it with me when we were finished with the falls. Sarah is scared of heights so she stayed at the bottom of the tunnel, but Allison and me climbed up the rocks to sit on top of it. It was crazy fun! lol. Of course when we got down we noticed that the beam we had to balance on to cross the tunnel was rotting through so it's a good thing we noticed that After the fact. Otherwise they might have talked some sense into me. Driving home I saw a sign for Cave Falls (I think I was looking for an adventure.) Allison turned around and we started down the road. It said it was only 19 miles.. About 40 minutes later on a muddy dirt road Allison called it quits. Me and Sarah begged for her to keep driving but she didn't think her car would make it up the hill. We looked up the falls when we got home. It would have been awesome!... If we had been traveling on the right road! Guess we missed our turn off somewhere... Who knew you had to drive through a golf course to get there! I bet a man came up with those directions. lol. That next weekend we were still in the mood for caves. So we took a big group up to the civil defense caves. And after three trips down the wrong roads we made it! So much fun! We took glow sticks and played hide and seek! And Maybe we had a dance party... :)

I finally finished up school for the summer! yaya! So excited not to have homework or classes that I feel guilty about skipping (hehe). To celebrate I went to Las Vegas for a week with my madre! We had so much fun! Stayed with my cousin Jessica who rocks for letting us stay at her house and eat her food. I slept in, ate lots of Eggos (been craving those for some odd reason lol)and lounged by the pool. Of course I had to share the pool with her five children and it was fun, but slightly disturbing. The two youngest had this thing about taking their clothes off and swimming naked. Vandi (who's four) wasn't too bad. But Cash (who just turned 3) had to take his diaper off to get in the pool. Made me feel like we should use more chlorine in the pool! lol

We visited my great grandma and my great aunt Kay and her daughter Shannon (who's so funny! Love this lady!). Dinner at REd Lobster is always called for when we get these ladies together. lol. Did a lot of shopping and eating out. Wish we had even 1/4 the number of restaurants they have down there! Me and my mom went country dancing Thursday night. Love line dancing! I can't seem to remember any of the steps at the moment, but when the music comes on it all comes back to me. Crazy how that works. lol. Friday I went dancing (noticing a theme yet? haha) with my friend Rylee. We met some people who turned out to be a lot of fun and we all went out for breakfast! Gotta love IHOP for being open 24 hours. lol. We got home just as the sun came up. :) Of course I started to regret that decision when I got woken up at 11 to go shopping for a wedding dress. I thought it could have waited until after 2 but oh well. It was a lot of fun. Some super pretty dresses and some not so pretty ones. Rylee was ready to buy a dress she found... we talked her out of it since she's currently single. hahaha. That night RY and I drove up to St. George for dinner and a party with the same people we had met the night before. Not as fun as the previous night, but still good to get out and laugh. Rylee and Al had a rap off. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! A pretty common occurence for me, but still! So funny! We got home around 5 am. And then I woke up two hours later to drive home. Not fun. But the week and all it's crazy events were totally worth it!
I think that's pretty much all that's happened so far. I'll keep you posted on any other exciting happenings of the summer... Think All Girls Camping Trip. It's gonna be gooooooood! hahahaha