Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And... I went back to SLC :)

It was President's day weekend.. I had monday off of work and Calaigh's family was going down to their condo in St. George for the weekend. I was plannin on going down Friday night, but she had to work until midnight so I hung out with the boys. We went and seen The Lightening Thief. It was actually pretty good. Saturday I drove down and we went to the movie Valentine's Day with a big group of people. Loved it! Lots of funny parts and surprises that you don't expect. The bloopers are hilarious!

After the movie we went and got Ann's ears pierced. She's twenty years old and has never pierced them. I'd say it went pretty good. lol. Then we headed to the gateway to eat at Rumbi's. LOVE THIS PLACE!! We need one up here in Idaho. It would do awesome! The best rice bowls ever... We met up with some more friends and did a sleepover at Calaigh's house. It was a pre-valentine party... Four girls, six tubs of ice cream, three bags of popcorn, a carton of strawberries, don't forget the chocolate sauce, music and all the girl talk you can imagine... all in all a very productive night. lol. The next morning we watched The Hot Chick (so funny!)and then got ready for the day (V Day). I spent the afternoon with my uncle Barry and his family. Love these guys. Best Nauvoo (sp?) tacos I've ever had! those sound really good right now....

Anyways, later that night we went over to a friend's apartment, ordered in Chinese, watched some Olympics and sat in the hot tub. We spent a good hour watching Kellie Pickler on YouTube. That girl is seriously stupid. It kills me. I was laughing so hard! Monday Calaigh had to work so I hung out at my old job and snuggled baby guinea pigs and Tara's snake Boss. I wanted to bring home one of the guinea pigs but my dad said no.. wish I had my own place. Then that little fella would have been mine. :)

That night we went to the movie Sherlock Holmes with Calaigh's missionary's family. It was a really good movie. Robert Downey Jr is an amazing actor.. not to mention very attractive. I was supposed to go home tuesday morning, but Calaigh talked me into staying another night. It wasn't too hard since I didn't really want to leave anyways. lol. so tuesday we spent the morning cleaning the house, watching the Bachelor (OMG!!!) and listening to music. We didn't leave the house until 4 ish.. It was a lazy day.:) We went to the mall, took pics of crazy things, went back to Calaigh's and made some ice cream, watched a movie and then chatted til 2 in the am. It made for a tired drive this morning, but I managed it. lol.
All in all an awesome weekend! Here are some goofy pics :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cars... really worth the trouble?

So... after work I drive over to my friend's house to pick up a coat that I had left in her car. I walk out to the parking lot and I hear a hissing sound. I look down and my back tire is slowly deflating.. Of course I don't have a spare, cuz that's just how it goes for me. lol. So I go in and ask to borrow Crystal's car. Of course she lets me because she is awesome like that. I go out to my car, grab my wallet, think to myself I have everything I need and I lock my door. When I get to the tire shop it occurs to me that I didn't grab my keys. When I went to lock my car I was holding keys in my hand and it didn't occur to me that they were for a DIFFERENT vehicle. That's right.. I locked myself out of my car with a flat tire. This all happened within a twenty minute span.. Guess it just isn't my night. Crystal was shocked that I was laughing about the situation, but really what else could I do? I have no idea where the flat tire came from, but it's my fault I don't have a spare and it's also my fault for locking my keys in my car. I have a spare set here at home and I'll just catch a ride with Bean in the morning... Moral of the story: Always have a spare tire and always double check that the keys in your hand open the right car. :) Lesson learned.. lol

The Bachelor

GAh.... I know I'm one of those people.. THe kind that obsesses over the show and follows it every week and freaks out if it didn't record, but then calms down when they realize that they can still watch it online, they just have to wait a VERY LONG 24 hours after it aired... and then goes on to discuss it with any and everyone who is willing to listen/respond/you corner so they have no choice.. lol. Yes that is me. And OMH (that stands for Oh My Hell fyi, lol, rach taught it to me) I can't believe what happened this week! Is Ali out of her freakin mind?! Those two were perfect together! I understand that she would be freaked out about giving up her job because he might not have picked her in the end, but what if he was going to?! She could find another job. Oh well.. I'm sure there will be more drama to ensue.. But I was hoping he would get rid of nasty VIenna. I seriously can't stand her! And she's freaking UGLY! SHe looks anemic with those dark circles under her eyes and her makeup does not help.. And she's so obnoxious! When he told her mom that the other girls were always trying to 'throw her under the bus' the mom says 'It;s been that way her whole life".. uhh... Hello?! It seems to me if people have being doing that her whole life then she probably belongs there! Jeez.. talk about having a biased opinion. I was seriously so frustrated after I watched it.. Hopefully next week is less frustrating and Ali comes back and he gets rid of the skank Vienna... gag. Alright I've vented. lol.

Monday, February 8, 2010

SuperBowl Weekend

So I'm totally bummed that the Colts didn't win... but happy for the Saints since they have never won a superbowl. That interception that turned the whole game was pretty sweet after I got over being pissed that Manning would throw such a crappy pass.. Anyways it was a lot of fun. We did the party at Dan's house. We had the typical party food consisting of chocolate (a must), little weinies, 7layer dip, chips and salsa, some homemade cookies... pretty good food for a guy. lol. After the game we talked, watched some old episodes of CSI and the boys wrestled... They always do this. One person falls asleep so the rest of the guys have to dogpile him to wake him up and so on.. Sometimes it can get a little rough. I have a bruise and I wasn't even participating! I was lying innocently on my luvsac when Kendell and Brice start the match. I see them coming towards me so I roll off the luvsac and land on Reed's knee. That kinda knocked the wind out but it was okay. Except then the boys decide to follow suit and rolled each other off the luvsac and landed right on me! Which pushed me back onto Reed's knee.. this time it felt like I cracked a rib! Dang boys. I love these boys but some days they are too crazy! On saturday they turned a couch into a sled.. Like something you pull behind the truck in the snow. If they fall off that thing there are going to be broken bones. I wish them all the luck, but no way am I getting on that thing!

And I got a new calling! I'm really excited about this one! I'm the service coordinator for the ward and a member of the activities board. We are doing a canning project at the end of this month but if any of you locals hear about anything that needs done let me know! I have no idea were to start on looking for service projects that my ward could do! lol. Thanks guys!

Monday, February 1, 2010

SaLt LaKe CiTY!!!

Finally! The new year has something exciting going on! I got a phone call last tuesday morning from a good friend Crystal. She was driving down to provo to tour hair schools and wanted to know if I wanted to ride with her! Heck Yeah! was my reply! I haven't been down there since last july I think! I was so freakin excited! We left thurday night and she dropped me off at Calaigh's house. We ended up babysitting that night for her aunt and uncle.. Is it bad to fall asleep when you are babysitting? Calaigh and I were debating over this. We fell asleep watching AirHeads.. Weird movie. Her aunt and uncle didn't get home til 2 in the am so I thought it was fine that we were sleeping. She felt a little guilty but what else could we do? The kids were sleeping so we didn't really have to "watch" them... Any thoughts? Friday and Saturday morning we went to her gym and swam, hot tubbed and sat in the steam room.. I couldn't breathe in the steam room. Humidity is just not my thing. "It feels like you have a humidifier shoved down your lungs, I love it!" Quote from Calaigh.. not sure why you would want that feeling ever, but there you go. lol. After the gym on friday we got gelato and burger king, picked up the kids from school and went home and helped her little sister bake cookies. We did a girls night in. Painted our nails, made homemade ice cream, watched some chick flicks.. loved it! Some nights you just feel like putting on pjs and doing nothing. It was awesome :) Saturday after the gym we went to the movies with her mom and good friends and seen When in Rome. It was good... not as good as I thought it was going to be. But there were definitely some funny moments in there. Then we went window shopping and then home to cook some pasta. We made pesto with penne and it was soooo good! Love pesto! Later we went and hung out with her old high school friends. Ordered a pizza, watched a movie, hot tubbed.. Love her friends! I haven't laughed that much in a long time. lol. Sunday we did breakfast burritos with the fam and then church. Then it was back home for me. Calaigh and her friends have me half talked into moving back down there. I miss it so much! If I didn;t have my awesome job or my baby niece up here I would probably do it. I'm sure Calaigh will keep pushing me on it.. and who knows what the future will bring. lol. Enjoy some pics from our awesome weekend!

Making ice cream!

New friends!