Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recent changes, travel, and..... ALASKA!

Ok ladies and gents, here's the news that I can't wait to share so I'm putting it first. I'm going back to Alaska for the summer! Exciting right?? So let me start in the middle of my ramblings and tell you how it came to be that I'm headed back to paradise :) So in Feb I lost my job with Jared which was bittersweet. Bitter for obvious reasons like losing my job, a cool boss and not having any money. But sweet because I got kinda excited for the new possibilities. So I start applying for jobs in the area and Rach, being the smartypants that she is, says 'why don't you apply for Alaska?' At first I just think yeah that could be fun, but probably not the most rational job choice. So i keep applying for jobs in the Rigby/Rexburg area. I actually get hired at an Arthritis Specialty Center as the receptionist and finish up my first day when I get home and just get the overwhelming feeling that I NEED to apply for jobs in AK. So I hop online, start applying and hear back from a gent on Kodiak Island within minutes. He needed some reference letters so I call up my old boss Kelly and ask him to make me sound good! lol. About a week later I still haven't heard back from Kelly so I start to bug him like my charming personality demands. lol. The next morning he has called, text, and emailed to offer me a job with his new lodge!!! HELL YEAH!!! hehe. I may or may not have spent the rest of the day bursting out in spontaneous screaming I was so excited! It's been four years since I've been back and I can't wait for the adventure to begin! I leave June 3rd and I am counting down the days (38).

Ok on to other news. Let me think back to all the happenings since I last blogged.... Umm so I finished up fall semester... celebrated holidays.... quite honestly I can't really remember what I did last fall so we'll fast forward. lol. So like I said I lost my job end of Feb, moved back home with my parents which was a really good thing since my house was sucking all my money (but that's a different story) and got my new job. I went to Vegas for spring break and just relaxed. It was exactly what I needed. I laid out in the sun, spent time with friends, went to a fair and hit up a rodeo, did a little shopping and hung out with family. It was perfect. Since finding out about my job in AK it seems like time is creeping by/ flying past. Is that even possible?? I have so many plans to see friends and play before I leave that I don't know how I'm going to get it all in. So far I've played in Vegas, like stated previously, spent time with Lacy and her kids and the baby pigs!, seen friends from out of town and played with my sisters. Up on the docket I'm going camping this weekend, SLC next weekend to help my best friend Calaigh celebrate the sealing of her little fam and blessing her baby girl, the following weekend I'm headed back to SF to celebrate my 25th birthday (HOLY SMOKES when did I get so old?! lol), then another camping trip with my family at Lagoon, my cousin's graduation and anything else I can fit in in the next 5 1/2 weeks. lol. It's kinda crazy but I'm loving it and so freakin excited I can't really describe it without using a million exclamation points... which might become tedious to type. lol. So yeah... I think that's about everything. OH! I went rock climbing last night. First time ever and I dominated that wall! haha. Ok I really think that's it. Peace out!

P.s. Sometimes I lie in bed at night and think of super witty things that I could write on my blog, but by the time morning has come my wittiness has left me, along with the memory of what I wanted to say. So I just end up writing things that I think are kinda funny and hope that everyone who reads this thinks it's really funny. haha. Does that ever happend to anyone else?? lol