Thursday, July 7, 2011

A whole lotta nadda

Taytum knows my name! I know this doesn't sound like a blog worthy post, but trust me, it is! She has been able to say Brianna's name for months. I was starting to feel left out. Granted, she sees Bean almost every day and she's lucky if she sees me once every two weeks, but she finally has my name down! Ok, so she calls me Ber, just like she calls Bean, Bee. I walked in her house to babysit her for a few hours this morning and she said my name. It was awesome :)

On another random note, I think I've caught Rachael's pregnancy brain. Last week I pull out of a parking lot and I forgot which side of the road I was supposed to drive on! I kid you not. I had a full 30 seconds of panic before I saw a car coming and figured I should be on the side opposite of them. My mind totally betrayed me and went blank! It was nuts. lol.

Also. House hunting is frustrating. We've probably looked at over a dozen homes and can't find one that we love. Luckily there are new homes popping up everday. We just have to be patient.. something that I have never succeeded at! lol
The End.