Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alaska 2005

I was going through my old photos yesterday and I came across all these picture cd's from Sam's Club. I had no idea what was on them so I threw them in my computer and they were pics from my first summer in Alaska! I was so freakin excited! I put an album on my facebook account but thought I should record some of it on my blog as well. Rach probably won't be very happy cuz she can't untag herself on my blog.. haha. She untagged all the pics of her on facebook in the album. Sorry sister. :) WARNING: Picture overload.. with some stories to go along :)Our lovely little airport. You couldn't even go inside.. It was full of barrels This is the factory of Port Moller. Loved being out on a boardwalk like that :)The view of the port from our little plane. We really were out in the middle of nowhereThis is the American gang. We were the only white kids in camp.. I guess Riza (the girl in the middle) was filipino, but she grew up in CaliforniaUs and our fellow slimers. lol. The little man on the left side was the funniest man.. And he could move fast!
The only other girls who were our age. Jennie, who is a baptist missionary working over in Russia at an orphanage, and Riza who was going to school in California to become a nurse.
Terry and Bernard. These guys were my buddies up there. Rachael didn't approve... lol

These three were our favorite ladies. Annette is the redhead. She was a complete hippie. Told me she believed in listening to your body to know what was healthy for you... and then she pulled out a cigarette... lol. Sandy is the black lady. Rach asked her sooooo many questions. We had never really met a black lady before.. And Alicia is the sweetest lady in the whole world. Kinda a big sister to me up there

Rachael's version of a "shortcut". She took us tromping through an unknown field because she thought it would be faster than following the beach. I think I got bit. I was bleeding by the time we got out of there..

This is what they did to us on our last day. Threw us into fish tubs full of ice water.. They let it sit all morning so it was nice and cold.. lol. Rach tried to run but they caught her and threw her in.. she looked like a rag doll. Freakin funny! lol
Victor got a little evil and went to push me under. Terry was only too happy to help him..
Now I'm gonna go all sappy on you... That summer is the summer Rach became my best friend. We were always friends growing up, but had our own peeps to hang out with and in high school we really drifted apart. That summer worked miracles for our relationship. It was the hardest I've ever had to work in my life, but I loved it. It made me fall in love with Alaska. I wouldn't trade that summer for anything.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Seriously what is this world coming to?? I just got a friend request from a total creeper on myspace. I know, I know... what am I still doing with a myspace account.. only weird people are on there... blah blah blah. I honestly have no real reason for keeping it. Anyways i'm getting sidetracked. So this guy, Chris (that's strike numbero uno against him), added me as a friend. I go to check out his page and see what his interests are, things people say about him, all that jazz to see if i would want him as a friend. He has a total foot fetish! Like I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.. His about me blurb thing was all about finding women who were willing to send him pics or videos of their FEET crushing things... W.T.F.????????? I thought he was being funny... He wasn't. The only pics he had on his page where of female feet stepping on things. One was a pic of feet standing on a pile of bread, a roll of toilet paper, a can of peanuts, even one of a girl standing on a vibrator.. DISGUSTING!! People should just keep their fetishes to themselves. I mean seriously!!

Then this other friend request came through as I was checking out the foot dude's page. It was from a guy named Love Virus.. quite the catchy name. lol. Anyways the only pics he had weren't really of him. They were pics of a terrorist looking dude's head pasted on other photographs of people. Picutres he probably cut out of magazines..

This just confirms what I posted earlier about there only being losers left in this world. I mean really.. REALLY? Is this all that is left? I realize that myspace isn't the place to look for a decent guy, and I'm definitely not looking, but let's get real. My only options left are weird guys from my school who can't find a girl to date them because of hygiene problems or total creepers with foot fetishes... Looks like I'm gonna become a VAM after all.. Alaska here I come!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Realizations, random thoughts and other odds and ends

Thanksgiving Dinner. It only comes around once a year and most people are so excited for this occurance. I used to be one of them. I love the green bean casserole and.... that's about it. I came to the realization this year ( I know, it's taken me 22 years to realize this, but better late than never) that I do not like thanksgiving dinner. I had it three times this year. That's pretty norm for us and by the time the third one came around it made me sick just thinking about having to eat all of it again. I think mashed potatoes are plain and we eat them WAY too often. Sunday dinners, anytime we have a roast, and at every church function you attend that serves dinner. Turkey is okay, but it has no flavor. You can season the outside, but the bird is so dang big that by the time you get to the meat of it, you taste none of that flavoring. So you put gravy on it, but then it's just like any other meat... nothing special about it. Stuffing... I'm pretty picky about my stuffing. It's kinda hit or miss for me. I hate cranberry sauce. I have no idea what it even is. It's just a jello like substance that retains the shape of the can after you plop it on a fancy looking plate... That one just baffles me. And yams. We don't eat them in our family but I just have to say that orange potatoes with carmel and marshmellows is just about the m0st unappealing meal I can think of. Who came up with it? My grandma makes good rolls. But my family thinks they are to die for. I just don't get that. Every year it's this huge deal all about the rolls and who gets the leftover rolls.. Kinda ridiculous. I love the appetizers.. the dips and crackers and veggies. And i love the desserts... most of them. Okay one of them. Chocolate cream pie. That's it. No pumpkin, no lemon meringue, no banana, coconut or any other kind of cream pie. Weird, right? Am I totally unAmerican that I hate thanksgiving dinner???

Totally different random thoughts:
*I watched XXX: State of the union. Somewhat cheesy acting, but good action. There was a shootout within the first 5 minutes. I think all good action movies should have a shootout within the first five minutes to fall into this category.

* Stayed up and watched G.I. Jane for the first time. Loved it! I'm all for female empowerment and all that jazz. Only Demi Moore could pull off a shaved head and still look good... Hate her for that. :)

* My dad made grape jello the other night for dessert. We had roast and ..... big surprise...... mashed potatoes. I've never had grape jello before. It was quite pleasant with cool whip. Love that stuff.

* Sunday night I went to sleep and when I woke up on monday morning I couldn't stand up straight. I had done something to my lower back while sleeping. Who knew sleeping was so dangerous? I was hunched over like an old man all day and when I would stand up from sitting I did it like a pregnant lady, leading with my crotch. When I went to sleep last night, it hurt to lay flat, lay on my side... It was quite tricky finding a comfy position but don't fear... I found one! It was on my stomach with a pillow propping my hips up. So I basically slept with my butt in the air all night, and it was the best sleep I've had in a long time. I woke up in the exact same position. It was fantastic! And this morning... No Pain! YAY!

Those are all of my thoughts for now. This was a ridiculously long post. I didn't know I had so much to say! lol.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009