Friday, April 23, 2010

A little bit of everything.. and then some

So much has happened this month and I haven't blogged any of it! I guess I just haven't been in a bloggin mood. But last night I was with my girls reminiscing about happenings these past few weeks and I decided I should probably blog them so I can remember them.
Last night we had our stake opening social for the new semester. It was refreshments and drum roll please............. A dance. What? Yes I said it. A dance. Like the kind where boys put on their good smelling axe bodyspray, girls put on their nicest/skimpiest/still modest shirt that they own and we all try and catch each others eyes without being too obvious about it. It was a complete flashback to stake dances from when you are 14 and it's the coolest thing to do on a saturday night. Unfortunately no one showed up in a prom dress. I was kinda hoping this would happen. Alas, it did not. However I was privy to witness a boy/girl interaction that had me biting my lip so I wouldn't burst out laughing while the guy was still within hearing distance. It happened to my good friend Sarah. Poor, unfortunate Sarah. hahahaha. There's this guy who we shall call Fred. And he has been crushing on Sarah for at least a semester. The moment a slow song came on, he waltzes on over, in a plaid sports jacket no less, and rubs, yes rubs, his shoulder along her back. Like a cat marking it's territory. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! And then he just keeps on walking like now it's her turn to make a move. Did I mention that he's a drama major? HA! I wish we had a camera there so we could have captured mine and Allison's looks when he did this. Or best yet, Sarah's. lol. Sarah I love you, but this is just too funny not to share! hahaha :) I wonder if he actually thought something like that would work?
We lasted at this social event for a solid 15 minutes before we called it quits. We consoled ourselves with some ColdStone. While there we were talking about something.. I can't really remember. Anyways I said something to Jenense about how weird it is that her minor is herbology when her major is dance. I guess Herbology is a Harry Potter term, humans (haha) call it horticulture. We all got a kick out of it and then proceeded to give ourselves a Harry Potter major. I am Care of Magical Creatures since I'm a zoology major, and so forth. I thought it was funny until I look over at the next table and this girl is looking at us like "No wonder these girls aren't married!" I had the girls look at her face and we all cracked up. Looks like I've turned into one of the weird people at this school... CRAP!! hahaha. Love you girls!

Two weeks ago I was down in SLC, no shocker there lol, and hung out with my best friend Calaigh and our group. I love these people. We ended up going to a Skid Row concert.. Never heard of these guys but Calaigh's parents had all access passes so we figured what the heck. They ended up being some heavy metal band full of wannabe rockstars. The lead singer could actually sing, which surprised me. But the guitar player had the longest hair that he just kept flipping all over the place and the drummer was only wearing tight leather (probably pleather) pants, with lots of tattoos covering his upper body. And he wasn't exactly in tip-top shape either. Did i mention that none of these band members are under the age of 35? We were backstage and I ended up requesting ear plugs from the tech dude. haha. He was wearing them too! The people who showed up for this concert where crazy. Mostly old people wanting to pretend they were young by wearing short, tight skirts, lots of leather and lots of tats and piercings. And lots of mullets. Not the best concert I've ever been to. After the concert we went home and youtubed the Cinnamon Challege. Lots of good footage, enough laughter that Calaigh, Courtney and Chris decided they wanted to do it. Ann and myself were the only smart ones and said no thanks. lol. I recorded the whole thing, and I'm laughing the entire time. It's on my facebook page. I don't know how to put it here to share. Sorry.. lol.

It's felt like a crazy month but I can't think of anything else. This post is already a doozy so it's all good!

p.s. Is anyone else LOVING all this rain?! No? Hmm... guess it's just me then! haha :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

Hmmm... I'm reading all these blogs about pranks that people played on each other and I have to admit that I'm just not that creative..Or maybe I'm just lazy? No one played a prank on me this year or last year or the one before that.. The one and only prank I can remember ever being played on me was when I was younger. Probably 10 or 11 and my mom sat us down and told us my dad got a job in Chicago and we were moving there at the end of the school year. We were crushed! Okay maybe RAch was more crushed than me... She ran crying from the room. I was suspicious of the whole thing so I wasn't that upset. And then it turned out to be a joke and I laughed really hard because Rach couldn't stop crying! hahahaha. GUess she didn't want to move eh? lol!
Woke up to Deke running around the house with a plastic shopping bag stuck to his head. It was really nosy. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even get it off him. No idea how he got it stuck there! Poor cat. It's making me giggle just thinking about it!hahahahaha
What else?..... We are babysitting Taytum while Rach is off in Park City on a shopping spree. Not sure how it's going to go. Good thing my mom's here to get up with her in the middle of the night... and feed her.. and change her... Okay maybe my job is only to give her snuggles and kisses. lol.
It's Easter this weekend! YAYAY! I love Easter! I think it's all about the candy for me. I was watching Jim Gaffigan last night and his holiday speal came on and I was laughing hysterically.. nothing unusual about that. Everyone should watch it. IT rocks! haha
Hmmm... I think that's about it. HAPPY EASTER!!