Thursday, October 22, 2009


I think every walking student at BYU-IDHAHo is feeling suicidal today since they keep walking out in front of my car, which is causing me to feel homicidal and making thoughts like running them over with my car go through my head. They are acting as if they would be immune to being hit by a car. They probably think they are going to be protected by God since they are going to a religious school, like some girls think that God will be their birth control since they got married in the temple. The way some people think just astounds me. I really don't know what the kids are thinking when they walk in front of a car, and it's probably not that God will save them. That's just me being cynical... Is that the right word? Anyway I really did meet a girl once who thought that God would be her birth control and only let her get pregnant when the "time is right". I tried my hardest to set her straight and make her realize that biology would take over once she had sex, but I don't think she believed me. She was pretty set in her way of thinking. I walked away after wishing her the best of luck with her 12 kids that were on their way! I don't think she thought that was funny, but then again she wasn't exactly sane so I didn't really care. And now I sound insensitive. Hmmm. Oh well. Peace out

NOTE TO ALL GIRLS: If you don't want to get pregnant then you need to use a form of birth control. It really is common sense. Ok, that's all :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deke and The Many faces of Tater

I love my cat. I am one of those people who will probably be a crazy cat lady when I grow old. I'm looking forward to that day. lol. Funny story. I'm lying in bed with deke and a truck pulls in the drive. Of course the dogs are going crazy downstairs, which is pretty much the norm. But then deke starts growling at the truck! He crouches at the end of my bed where he can see out the window and he starts growling just like a dog! It was so freakin cute/ hilarious! He was mimicking the dogs I guess. But then the person opened the truck door and when they slammed it closed the noise scared deke so he ran under the bed. Not much of a guard "dog" but he makes up for it with all his personality and cuteness! Here are some pics

Just hangin out with mom, watching T.V. :) So freakin cute! One of his new favorite past times... Beaner won the fish at the Blackfoot fair.

So Handsome!

And Now the many faces of Tater. I haven't seen her is almost two weeks so she's probably changed ALOT, but these will do for now! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

XoXo Carol Clark

Today is the one year anniversary of Carol's death. She was Chris's mom. I loved this lady. She was crazy and kookie and she definitely had her bad days, but she was the sweetest person. She was always trying to help out, even if her ways of helping weren't always... normal. I can't believe it has already been a year. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was down there at the fourth of july party, but at the same time it feels like so much has happened since then that it was years ago. Don't you hate that? When time becomes distorted like that? I know I didn't get to become a part of this family, but I loved them. My thoughts are with you guys. xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Church. School. Need I say more?

BYU-Idaho is so dysfunctional! I realize that this is my second post of the day, but I have to vent! I went country dancing at the school tonight. Not my favorite thing to do, but I figure I should at least try to socialize. I get off work, head over to the girls' apartment and we just chill for a couple hours before heading over. I get inside, walk up to the table to get the stamp on my hand, and then I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see some over-enthusiatic girl smiling at me. She kindly informs me that I can't enter because I have holes in my jeans. It's the new fashion and you can't even see any skin! I didn't get stopped because of my mulitple piercings, but because my jeans were breaking the honor code. I wear these jeans to class all the time and I have never been asked to leave and change. Only when I try and go to some extracurricular activity do I get accused of breaking the stupid code. She said I would have to go home and change my pants before I could come back. I so did not want to drive back to Rigby just to put on a different pair of jeans. Come on! I walked out to my car, completely pissed off and realize that all my books, wallet, phone, etc are locked in the girls' apartment and they were inside dancing. SOO I suck it up and drive home. I get changed and head back to rexburg. I tried singing in the car to make myself in a better mood. It wasn't until I found the song "I'm a bitch" by Alanis Morsette (sp?) that I finally started to calm down. I get back and the girl has the audacity to come up to me and say "Thank you, that was so nice of you to go home and change." Needless to say I just glared at her. If I had opened my mouth to give a reply she probably would have kicked me out of breaking the honor code with my language. If this school didn't have such a bomb zoology program/cheap tuition I would flip them the bird as I walked out. This school seriously tries my patience. It'll be a miracle if I graduate before they kick me out for insubordination or something equally ridiculous, like my multiple parking tickets. Don't even get me started on that subject. No worries, I wrote them an e-mail to let them know how I felt about this mandatory parking class they wanted me to take. PPLEEAASSE...Like that's ever gonna happen.

Alright, I've vented. Peace out :)

ZoOLOgY= Love of my life!

I'm totally in love with my major! I mean I know that's how it should be, but I always thought that it would be less exciting than it actually is.. weird, right? Who wants to major in something boring? Not me! Luckily it has turned out to be the best thing ever. I always knew that I loved animals and that I would fall into some profession that involved animals and now I finally know which profession that is. I want to do zoology. I don't care if I'm studying the animals in a zoo or in their natural habitat. As long as I get to interact with them and learn something new every day than it's all good! I want to be outside, not trapped in some building gaggin on the smell of antiseptic and constantly listening to dogs howling in the background. Besides dogs aren't really my thing. Some day (hopefully soon) I want to be working with all my beloved marine animals. That's right, my research is going to SAVE THE WHALES! Not sure how exactly, but I'll work the details out later. LOL. I get excited just thinking about being out on the water and studying them; learning all their habits and getting to see their personalities. I've fairly positive that when I land my dream job with some research group that takes me all over the world studying the different marine mammals in all their habitats, it will be the BeSt dAy of my LIFE. I'm bouncing up and down in my chair and feeling ridiculously giddy just thinking about it! Free Willy here I come!!!

P.S. These are the most beautiful creatures ever. Someday...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Graduate Road Trip

I went with the school up to University of Idaho and Washington STate University over this past weekend to meet with their graduate programs. It was so much fun hanging out and meeting new people. There were about 15 of us who went up. We left the school around 8 am on Thursday morning. I'm not sure how long it should take to drive up there, according to my dad it should only take about 7 hours, but it took us FOREVER! We didn't get up there until 6 pm! What is that, like 10 hours?! Not to mention the fact that the van I ended up in sucked. It shimmied from 0 to about 60. After that it was just a constant vibration. My butt went numb from the sensations. Not a pleasant feeling. I had my hands holding down as many things as I could because I can't STAND things rattling in the car. Anywhoo it was probably the longest drive EvEr. It might have something to do with the fact that we stopped every 100 miles or that our tire blew. It took us until 12:30 to get to Deer Lodge. It shouldn't take that long numbero uno. Secondly when we were done eating lunch one of the kids from the other van comes up to our driver and says, " It looks like your back tire is getting ready to separate from the car." To which the driver goes off on this long tangent of how the school takes such good care of their vehicles and the maintaince is top notch, blah blah blah. Within the next five minutes, no exaggeration, the tire blew. I was just lying down to take a power nap until we stopped AGAIN, when it happened. It sounded like someone was shooting at us. Now that thought didn't actually cross my mind, like oh crap! Someone is shooting at us! But if I had to describe the noise, that would be what it sounded like. The top of the tire had blown and it dented the entire wheel bed. It bent the exhaust pipe closed. We sat on the side of the road for about 30 minutes while the professors changed the tire. After that the vibrations miraculously stopped, major shocker there... Anywhoo five hours and multiple stops later we finally arrived. We had to stay up in Couer d'Alene because all the hotels were booked in moscow and pullman since it was homecoming week and there was a big football game. We got checked into our rooms and wanted to go find some good food. Jackie and April wanted Japanese food and since I have never had it I said I would give it a try. Unfortunately for us, the lady at the front desk was on drugs... She had no idea what she was talking about and we ended up walking about a mile into town before we found some gas station to ask directions. The man informed me that the only japanese place was three miles away downtown. Like I'm gonna walk three miles for food that I might not even like... yeah right. We find some chinese buffet (sounds scarier than it actually was) and end up with a semi-decent meal. We needed to go to Walmart later so we took a van and asked the front desk how to get there. Probably not our brightest moment taking directions from the same lady as before but they sounded pretty straight forward. No worries, we got lost. Dumb lady. She should be fired... We found it eventually after I made them pull over so I could ask someone else. The next morning we had to be in the foyer at 6 AM. Once we got to the U of I we went on a tour given by a pierced java junkie. He slipped in how much he loved coffee wherever he could. I think the entire tour was based on where all the coffee shops were located on campus. I don't think he realized what school we were from. lol. I got to meet with the wildlife and fisheries department and it was very informative. I actually get paid to go to graduate school. They pay for my tuition plus I get a yearly salary. Sounds good to me! Later we drove over the border to visit Washington State. This place is like it's own city. It's huge! Luck was with us when we decided to turn down a random road and found the student center. The man at the graduate help desk should also be fired. He sent all of us to the wrong buildings except Evan. I got good info about the vet program there, but only after I got sent to three different places. Nobody at the school knows were anything is! Jeez... Eric got sent to my zoology building which I never even got a chance to go see since it was on the other side of campus, but he got me some brochures so that helped a little. He never even got to his building. Matt got sent to the engineering building when he wanted the architecture building. But Evan and Jackie got the right one. But I'm guessing it's only because it was directly out the front doors of the student building. It was a very eventful and informative day. Well worth the swollen ankles from walking all day in uncomfortable shoes. The next morning we were supposed to leave around nine. But when Brother McBride took the van to get a spare tire just in case, he found out he had to have the brakes replaced. Yipee! So we had to wait around for the parts to come in. And then we got stuck with the same driver as before who decided it would be faster to go through Salmon to get home. I think that only works if you go the speed limit and you don't stop twenty times. We didn't get home until 8 pm! A crazy weekend but a lot of fun. I loved all the people that I got to meet and it was nice seeing the different schools and what they offer. Here's to finding one that wants me!!

P.S. Sorry it's such a long post. I had a lot to say :)