Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas this year was amazing. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed this holiday so much. This year has been one of the craziest, busiest, hardest, most rewarding years I've had in... probably ever. lol. I'm so excited for a new year and to see what challenges and adventures await!

But on to the holiday. We did lunch with my G. Patti in Poky on the way down to logan on christmas eve. Rach, Ben and Taterbug met us down there and we ate at Mama Inez. It was pretty good. I had this cream cheese chicken burrito.. YUM! After hanging out with grandma we headed down to utah to the rest of the fam. We dropped off my dad and bean, picked up my aunt crissy and headed into town. We had some last minute shopping that needed to get done. Every year my family provides christmas for a family that can't afford it. This year we got to help out a family that we actually knew and it was amazing. After we dropped off the presents and food we had to circle around to get back home and as we drove past the house we were able to see everyone gathered around the table looking through the boxes with the kids going through the presents. It was an emotional sight. I think we all got a little choked up. This is my favorite tradition that my family does. Every year I look forward to it. It will definitely be one that I carry on with my family. :)

But before we did that we had the christmas eve dinner. It was the usual turkey, ham (ick), green bean casserole (yummy).... basically all the food you eat at THanksgiving. I've already shared my opinion on THAT particular subject so moving on. lol. After dinner we did the secret santa and then went caroling at a family friend. I love my fam! We do the 12 days of christmas song every year. We even have poster signs to hold up when it comes to our day. lol. And the boys do 5 golden rings and it's hilarious! One year I'll have to record them so I can share it with everyone. lol. They really get into it. After that we opened up our pjs and played the christmas game. Everyone starts with a present, sits in a circle and GG reads us The Night Before Christmas. Every time she says the word 'the' we have to rotate the gift to our left. Then when the book is done the littlest go first. They either open the gift they have or exchange it for a different one. It's always funny to see who wants what. This year I got.... drum roll please.... a 5lb container of Dubble Bubble Gum. 380 pieces to be exact. lol. I've been fighting for this gift for three years and I finally got it! YAHOOO!! lol.

Christmas morning my dad woke us up around 8 because he couldn't stand lying in bed any longer. lol. He's more of a kid than we are. This year was awesome. My mom got the Nook! I'm super jealous because her's is the new NookColor one that is a full touch screen. And my dad got a laptop since he's going back to school in January :) I got lots of goodies and beaner definitely got hooked up as well. I think she's probably most excited about her Michael Jackson dance thingy for the Wii. lol. That day consisted of watching movies, taking naps and eating leftovers. It was very relaxing. We packed up and headed home the next morning. All in all it was a fabulous holiday and this was a ridiculously long post. Hope you enjoyed! lol.

P.s. Has anyone else being counting down the days? Because there are only three!! Excitement doesn't even come close to describing how I'm feeling :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

SaN FraNcisCo

I'M GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO FOR NEW YEARS!!! I am so freakin excited! Bought my plane tickets a couple weeks ago and have been lying awake every night thinking of all the fun things we are going to do and see. I have two friends out there, Katie and Richard. They both work on the blog that we have for reviews and interviews and such. They are pretty much two of the coolest people ever and I can't wait to finally meet them in person. We talk everyday, text all night and me and KD occasionally web chat. It's going to be awesome!

All three of us are currently suffering from lack-of-sleep-christmas-eve-type feelings. lol. Literally the first four or five nights I would lie awake for HOURS because my brain wouldn't shut off. I'd keep going over everything that I was going to experience and see and all the possibilities. It made me feel better when I called KD at 2:45 am and she was still awake too. lol. Her little boy was sick, but I like to tell myself it's because she is so excited as well. I'm pretty sure that there will be lots of screaming, laughing, hugging and crying (on KD's end. lol) when we see each other at the airport. It's going to be quite the spectacle. I CAN"T WAIT!!!

As far as the touristy things go, the only thing I really want to do is tour Alcatraz. I love touring old prisons. Of course we'll spend a day at Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf but other than that I have no definite plans. So if anybody has any suggestions of things that are a must see, feel free to leave a comment. lol.
The next 17 days can't go by fast enough! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is in the air

So as many of you know (maybe?) I am not a huge Christmas fan. I love the reason for the season (obviously) but I don't like the music, the traffic or the decorating. I appreciate the decorations, I just don't like having to put them up and then take them back down a month later. Maybe because in my family decorating for Christmas was this grueling, hours long process in which everyone became frustrated at one point or another. However, now that I'm on my own I felt my townhouse needed a little christmas cheer. Or rather my roommates did. Lol. They are christmas fanatics! A week after Halloween the tree went up. Stockings were hung on the wall, snowflake lights were wrapped around the kitchen window, my christmas wreath was adorning the dining room wall and little christmas-y trinkets were scattered about. Deep breath in and out. lol. I don't mind the decorations, really, but that was a little too early for me.

So I did it the right way with Kelsey, Kyleur and Cameron. The four of us are together pretty much all the time. Kels has her own home and she, of course, needed a tree. So we rallied up the boys and borrowed a tree from Mama Horman, along with all the decorations we would need. It was actually a lot of fun. And the tree turned out beautiful! After the lights went up we realized that we didn't have any hooks for the ornaments! So off to WallyWorld we go. lol. We made a pit stop at Maverick for some hot cocoa and then headed to finish the tree. The end result was awesome :) After that we watched a chick flick and chatted until 3 am. It was a perfect evening. And the boys learned how to decorate a tree!.... kinda. lol.

Also, about 2 weeks ago me and my fam did a craft day where we made christmas wreaths. Here are some pics, along with pics from Kelsey's house.

Craft DAy!

Our beautiful wreaths. lol

Cam being silly for the camera
The four musketeers! :)

Huggin our Christmas Tree!

And I couldn't resist putting in this cute pic of my favorite little snow bunny :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Happenings of my Life :)

Alrighty. Random seems to be my life lately. Nothing huge or notable has happened but lots of fun little things have. This isn't really fun but I have just started a book written by none other than Hilary Duff. Yeah, the girl who played Lizzie Maguire and had a few albums come out. The one and only Disney star. Who woulda thunk she could ever write? I'll let you know if it's any good. I feel like if it sucks then she was the author of it, but if it is pretty decent then someone else wrote it and she paid lots of money to have her name put on the cover. lol. Jaded much? hehe

Let's see... what else? Halloween this year kinda fell flat for me. The idea of Halloween being on a Sunday was good because then everyone can party all weekend and have an excuse for it. But I'm not sure that the execution of it was so great. Dressed up on Friday and did a party with some friends. Then we all went back to my place and watched a movie. Saturday I didn't have the energy to dress up again so we decided to scratch The Howl and just hung out in the burg. Played with friends, went spotlighting.. the usual Saturday night shenanigans. So it didn't feel like anything special. And of course living in Mormonville there was absolutely nothing to do on Sunday, even if it is one of the biggest holidays of the year. So yeah... Halloween just wasn't as grand as I thought it was gonna be. Not that I didn't have fun, because I did, it just wasn't as WOW as I thought it should have been. Does that make sense?

Woke up this morning to SNOW! It was just a sprinkling at first but it has been snowing non-stop all day and has now accumulated about 2 inches. And it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon... which means... drumroll please..... Demolition Derby of the Burg '10 has officially started! I swear they need to have people pass a separate driving test to be allowed to drive in snow. The students up here are dipsh*ts who have no idea how to handle the roads if they have any sort of precipitation. They either drive slower than a slug or are completely reckless and take out three cars while making a right hand turn. It brings out my violent side having to be on the road with these people. We'll see how this winter turns out. Wish me luck!

Ummm... I think that's all. So now on to the pictures! They are of course random (duh. lol) but what's a post without pics right? Don't worry, I'll narrate :)

Me and my little man taking a nap on a rainy day. How cute is he?! Love him :) I think he loves me too. lol

Here's my new favorite pic of my beautiful niece! I love this girl to pieces. I don't think there is one member of our family who isn't wrapped around her finger. lol

I have pics of the snow but we've all seen snow so I'll pass on those. So I guess that all folks!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Afton, Wyoming

Went to Afton over the past weekend. It's really pretty there. It's only about 30 minutes past palisades. Most people think that Wyoming is full of sagebrush but I didn't see any where we were. lol. My friend Katie is from there and invited us home for the weekend. She went down a day earlier than me and Kacy... or that was the plan. But she ended up "needing" us a little early so Thursday night at around 11 me and Kacy loaded up the car and took off! Let me tell you.. we had the BIGGEST sugar high when we finally got there. I'm talking a bag of iced oatmeal cookies, bag of jerky, a box of little debbie zebra cakes, two apples and some milk. We went a little overboard but we didn't want to chance falling asleep. Or this is the excuse we gave ourselves. lol. When Katie pulled into the Maverick, which is the ONLY place open after 8 even on weekends (I'm not kidding), Kace and I were laughing so hard people were looking at us like we were drunk. And then the inevitable happened. Our sugar high crashed around 2 am and we passed out. lol. But it was totally worth it.

Friday we went hiking! It was my kind of hike. A leisurely stroll through some pretty trees with a creek running next to it. We hiked up to this intermittent spring. It stops and goes every 15 minutes, kinda like Old Faithful. It was steep hiking up the waterfall part but totally worth it! The moss on the rocks was almost neon green and the water tasted just like melted snow! Which it probably was... lol. We passed under a glacier to get to the top which freaked Katie out, but not nearly as bad as walking across it to get back down. lol. That night we just chilled and watched Jackass 2.5. I love Jackass. It makes me laugh so hard! We are going to see Jackass 3D sometime in the next week! I can't wait for that! lol. Okay I got sidetracked.
Saturday we woke up early (10 lol) to go to the local animal shelter and snuggle all the homeless creatures. This is not something that I like to do because then I feel awful when I can't take any of them home. But oh well. There was a kitten there who was crazy! I loved her instantly but couldn't convince anyone to take her home... :( Later that day me and Kacy explored the town while Katie did homework. This town has about 1800 people so it's not huge. We found a super cute second hand bookstore where we spent about an hour looking through everything. I was in heaven. I could have spent all day there! Then we hit up a local mexican joint. I noticed that in super small towns everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, stares at new people. I can't count how many people stared at us as we walked the street. lol. Oh well.

Sunday we went to a farewell and then headed home. Me and Kace took our time and stopped for some pics and square ice cream! You can't go through Swan Valley and not get square ice cream! It blew Kacy away that it was actually square. lol. So here is the picture overload. Enjoy! lol
Waiting for the spring to come back onEmbracing nature?? Lol

Me and Katie at the spring

Kacy is a picture nazi and made us all take portraits with the pretty rocks. lol

Drinking from the spring :)

Hiking under the glacier!

Exploring the big town of Afton! Kacy looks like an alien! lol

Four wheeler ride!

Headed Home!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random is my Middle name

So this is just bits and pieces of all the thoughts floating around in my head. lol. My life is crazy busy these days and I'm LOVING it! Working two jobs, school and socializing are taking up all my time, the socializing more so than the other stuff (hehe). My other blog is rockin and we are booked for the rest of the year with interviews! It's crazy how fast everything is happening with that blog! Me and my blog sister started it up in April (May? not sure. lol) and it started out as just a place for us to write reviews and share our opinion on books and movies. And now we work with authors and their publicists to do reviews of the books before they even hit the shelves! It's so much fun, but a lot of hard work. It's almost like working another full time job but it's definitely worth it, :)

I went grocery shopping last night. I'm not sure why everyone hates it. Maybe they just hate having to take their kids with them? IDK. I love it. I get excited thinking about all the fun meals I get to make and what I could add to make it even better! lol. I'm weird like that. lol. My sis, Rach, she hates grocery shopping. Puts it off until she literally has nothing left in her fridge. Next time she should just go with me. I'll make it fun!

I also went to B&N last night, love that store :) I sat and read for a couple of hours, drank my coffee (I'm a sinner like that :P )and just watched people. It's one of my favorite things to do. And apparently my mexican heritage is peeking through. I got stopped by a little mexican man on my way to the cafe and he asked if I speak spanish. I felt bad saying no. Maybe I should learn it? My dad has the Rosetta Stone tapes, maybs I should borrow them. Food for thought I guess.

I also took pics of my new place. But it was with my phone camera and the pics aren't bright and cute like they should be so I'll work on getting new ones. But don't hold your breath for them. It takes me awhile to get anything done. lol. Just ask Rach. It drives her crazy. I simply look at it as the hippie approach. Everything happens in good time. lol :)

Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah! Calaigh got married two weeks ago. I was a bridesmaid. And I've decided that I'm going to elope. Yep. It seems like the safer/saner approach. lol. It was fun, but we literally ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. I don't know who was happier that the wedding day had finally arrived, me or the bride! lol. Calaigh was awesome about it though. She wasn't the bridezilla, it was her mom. I love Sharon but I could have killed her and her brothers would have been next. It reaffirmed my desire to not have kids. lol. Okay maybe one day... ten years down the road... when I can afford a nanny.... haha. That's something else that's funny about going to school up here. People ask how many kids I want, not if I want them, and all I can say is I love my niece. lol. They look at me like they are waiting for me to actually answer the question but I find that when I do answer and say I don't really want them, people give me funny looks. Like maybe I'm possessed by satan or something pleasant like that. lol
I'm in a weird mood today. Forgive my ramblings. hehe

I'm going to Star Valley Wyoming tomorrow. I'm not sure what's there but I'm told that it's a lot of fun. lol. I guess we'll see what adventures arise and base my opinion on that. lol.

Well I guess that's all for now. This was random in every definition of the word but oh well. That's how it goes some days. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Moved!

I FINALLY moved out of my parents house! Living there was great. Free rent, free food, pretty much free everything. But I hated driving to Rexburg everyday. Hated having to drive home at night when we were done playing, basically it was the driving that drove me crazy. Lol. Even though my parents were way cool about no curfews, not buggin me about where I'm going, who with, when I'll be home type stuff it's still their house and way different from being out on your own. My little sister decided she was ready to move out, found some friends and got an apartment. That was kinda a boot to my rear end to do the same thing. At first I wanted to get my own place, a one bedroom for me and my kitty. But the prices around here were crazy! And finding a place that would let me have a pet was insane. So in the end I found a place that has two roommates and doesn't let you have pets. It's not my favorite scenario but I love my townhouse. I love my roommates. And while I'm super sad that my kitty has to stay at my parents house I know he is getting lots of love from my madre. And I go home and see him at least twice a week. :)

When I first moved in i knew me and my roommates would get along fantastically because I found this on the fridge:

9 Things I Hate About Everyone

1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the tv remote because they refuse to walk to the tv and change the channel manually.

3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too".?Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it?

4. When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where
are they? Gonna Kick their asses!

5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor.

6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?".... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine?

7. When something is 'new and improved!'. Which is it? If it's new, then there has never been anything before it. If it's an improvement, then there must have been something before it, couldn't be new.

8. When people say "life is short". What the hell?? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does!! What can you do that's longer?

9. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks "Has the bus come yet?". If the bus came would I be standing here, dumbass?

These girls are awesome! They both have crazy/funny personalities and I can't wait to get to know them better! We have already planned road trips and crazy activities and it's only been four days! lol. I'll get some pics up of my new place. It is bomb-diggity. I get the master bedroom which rocks! I have two closets! I don't have enough stuff to fill both, but it's a goal of mine to do so. Lol. I'm excited to be in a new ward and meet new people. The girls say this ward is a ton of fun. And since it's a singles ward instead of a student ward I'm thinkin it might have older guys.. not too shabby. lol. Not that church is about the guys and socializing... lol.
And school has officially started! That's about all I have to say about it. lol

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Deke!

It was his birthday yesterday. My little man is 2! And before we start on all the things I love about him let's just get this out of everyone's system who doesn't understand aka Rach. Yes I'm obsessed with my cat, it's just a cat get over him- never gonna happen, why do you like cats so much- way more personality than a dog... blah blah blah. All done? Good! Now we can talk about my handsome guy :)
I know I say this alot but I seriously love him! I'm totally wrapped around his fuzzy paw. He just looks at me and I melt. I give in to whatever he wants. Just this morning I shared my slimfast with him because he wanted it. Who gives their cat slimfast? I hope it's not bad for him... lol. I just can't get enough of him. He follows me everywhere when I'm outside. I have to say he's not a huge fan of the hammock. He can't figure out why his feet fall through certain places. lol. He snuggles with me when he wants a nap and he's not afraid to give me attitude if he doesn't like what I'm doing aka snuggling him when he's trying to sleep. hehe. I can't believe it's been two years! It's gone by so fast but at the same time it feels like forever. All you married people have your babies and I have my cat. I think it's perfect. Just the way it should be :) Some pics of him when we first got him, at one year and at two. I just don't see how anyone could say no to this face! :)
Happy Birthday Bubba!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reason #51 Why Calaigh is my BestEST FRienD

I got this in a text from her last night while finishing up work. MAde me laugh out loud. It's a perfect description of me, her, Ann and Chris. LOVE IT!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :)
P.s. For everyone who doesn't know why this picture is funny they are doing the YMCA. Blasphemous and still so funny :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Girls Trip + Utah with the Besties :)

So as promised this is the post to catch you up on the all girls camping trip. It was fun. Definitely an adventure. lol. We went to a hot springs so it wasn't really 'roughing it'. I'm not sure we could have handled roughing it. lol. And before you get too amazed that we went all alone I have to confess that my dad and uncle drove the campers (yep we were camping hardcore hahahaha) up for us, since I have no idea how to reverse one of those things. But after that we were on our own. Rach's hubby Ben was pretty worried about us. "How are you guys going to hook up the propane?" "How are you guys going to start a fire?" "How are you guys going to cook food?" Just a few of his questions. But fear not, although we don't know how to park a camper, we are fully capable of setting it up. I'll admit that we had trouble the first night cooking, but it really wasn't our faults! My uncle steve cross threaded the propane line so when you turned it on it just hissed and let out the propane instead of sending it into the cooker. We couldn't figure out what was going on so we had to ask our neighbor. He was really nice about it, although he did laugh when he discovered it was all girls camping.

I wish I could say that was the only mishap that occurred, but alas it wasn't. I was in charge of bringing up firewood since everyone else had forgotten it and I came up later. But it didn't occur to me that the wood had to be CHOPPED... lol. Good thing my aunt cristal had an ax... although no one really knew how to use it. My little cousin McKenzie said she did, but I think it was more luck when she finally cracked one. Beaner tried to give it a go and I about peed my pants laughing. We got it on video. hahaha. Somehow she hit the log and launched it at herself while still swinging the ax around. She's lucky she didn't cut her leg off. lol. AFter that we just threw the logs on the fire whole.. and it worked... after lots of bug spray and paper plates were thrown in. lol. After that first night it was pretty smooth sailing. :) My best friend from high school, Lacy, came up with her little man Kael and went swimming with us. It was so good to see her again! I haven't seen her since Christmas. We had a lot to catch up on :)

Now I love hot water probably more than the next person (lol) but it just wasn't doing it for me on this trip. It was around 90 degrees out so I'd jump in the water to cool down. Only problem was that the water was the same temp! I could have done with cooler water but oh well. It was still a lot of fun and I got me an awesome tan! Yay for skin cancer! lol. My grandma came up the last day and went swimming with us. That was probably the funnest day. We did all kinds of competitions, most of them having to do with the bottom of the pool. lol. My grandma was showing off when she did the splits down there... lol.

The next day I headed off to SLC to see my besties and help Calaigh with wedding plans! It was so much fun! Saturday was pretty low key with reading at B&N, dinner at a super yummy sandwich shop and a party with our friend Ann. I love meeting new people and I seem to do it everytime I'm down there! It's awesome! lol. Sunday my friend from Alaska, Parker, had his mission farewell so I drove out to Tooele to hear him talk. I was late... of course. lol. But Booner rescued me in the lobby and had saved me a seat. Then it was back to the city to do brunch with Calaigh, Ann and our good friend Chris. Love this kid! He wasn't quite awake when we sat down but he came around since we were all laughing so much. :) Seriously love these people! I wish I lived there... I guess it'll just have to be my second home for now :)Then I went back out to Tooele to hang with Parker and Sydney. It was good catching up on everything. I haven't seen these guys since last summer! Then I swung by the cemetery to make a special stop and then it was back to the city! Whoa.. lots of driving that day. lol :)

Monday we accomplished ALOT! Me and Calaigh met with the invitation people and designed her announcements, they look awesome! Then it was off to Bed, Bath and Beyond to register. We were there for around 2.5 hours. It was kinda ridiculous. My ankles were slightly swollen. lol. But they gave us two guns! hahaha. She registered for all sorts of good stuff and then some goofy fun stuff as well. I think when we turned our guns in there was over 450 items scanned. hahahaha. We went out to the Fashion Place mall to get her ring cleaned and to pick up a present from Vicky's for her soon to be sis-in-law who is getting married a month before her. The bridal shower was that night and then I headed home.
All in all it was a super fun/eventful loooonnnggg weekend. I loved it. It was much needed! Hope everyone else had an awesome Pioneer weekend!

Just hanging out/ trying to take a nap on sunday... Didn't really work out. lol

Bomb diggity massage chair we found in brookstone. Pretty cool place. lol

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me and my kitty kat :)

So last week we did a girls camping trip... that's a post for another time. lol. Anyways it's a wednesday and I have to work in the morning and then I'm supposed to head up to Downata Hot Springs when I get off. My mom forgot about half the camping items so I have to swing by my house to pick stuff up. I get inside the house, head upstairs to grab a few more items and I walk into my room. I see my bed. It's totally calling to me. I lay down thinking I'll just rest for a few minutes. I close my eyes. And then Deke crawls out from under the bed, jumps up and starts snuggling with me. This lasted for maybe two minutes before he completely passed out. I'm talking snoring and twitching. It was pretty dang cute. So I took a little cat nap (hehe) with him. It was pretty bomb. Here are some pics.

Please ignore the yucky sleepy face I have and focus on the cutie pie furball :)

He woke up and switched positions when he heard me taking pics. He's not a huge fan of the camera. lol

Love this kitty! <3

Monday, July 12, 2010


Totally random post, like most of them are, but I felt I had to share. I LOVE the way the bathroom smells at my work. Does that make me crazy? I seriously wish my whole house smelled this way. Yum! It's like a cucumber melony type smell. SO good! I've searched the whole thing and can't find where this wonderful smell is coming from.. Guess I'll have to search harder. Just thought you should know. LoL :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

Not a very original title but it sums it up. lol. So our 4th of july was very eventful. Thursday night me, Rach, Bean and Taytum drove down to logan to see my grandparents and to see the Cruise-In. It's this big car show and parade where people get to show off old cars they've restored or new ones that they love. Pretty much anyone can be in the parade. We didn't stay for the parade this year since they had it on saturday and we had places to be, people to see, things to do in Idaho. lol. Anywhoo, driving to Logan was.... stressful. Taytum had gotten shots that week and I guess she was reacting to them or something because she cried almost the entire drive. I love this little girl but I was at my patience's end. So I switched with Rach and drove while she sat in back with her baby. She's such a good mommy :) Once we got there it was time for bed. Needless to say, it was a rough night for mom and Tater. Next day we sleep in, get ready and head out to lunch with the family. Our fam loves food. I love it! :) We ate at Cafe Sabor, it's a mexican restaurant in an old train station. Mmmmm. We head back to the house and just as Rach and I are falling asleep for a much needed nap my aunt, uncle and kids arrive for the BBQ. I was determined to keep sleeping, but Rach didn't want to socialize alone... lol.
We ate some yummy hot dogs, mixed fruit and chips and then packed up the car to head home. Unfortunately we only made it to Preston. That's about 30 minutes from Logan. Rachael's AC kept going hot and cold and then her check engine light came on and then her engine temp went HOT. So we turned around and headed back to Logan with no AC in 90+ weather. Not fun. Especially since we could only go about 25 MPH, only make it about 1/2 a mile and then have to pull over for the engine to cool back down. It took us 2 hours to make the 20 mile drive. And not once did anyone stop to help us! Okay that's a lie. Some guy stopped when we had been on the road for 1h 45m. And he only stopped because of our license plates. He used to live in Rexburg or something. Three girls and a baby pulled off the road staring under the hood with confused expressions, since none of us know anything about anything when it comes to cars, and no one offered help. Ridiculous. We all vowed to take an automotive class this fall. :) We'll see if it actually happens. lol.

Anyways we made it home the next day to see our dad in the parade. Him and his Pipes and Drums band were in it. Then it was off to Smitty's for the best pancakes in the world! Seriously so good :) Then it was swimming with friends and a BBQ before heading to IF for the fireworks. We walked the green belt, bought cotton candy and kettle corn and settled in for an awesome show! Seriously the best fireworks I have seen. Way better than Logan's the night before.

Monday was an eventful day. And not a good one. I went to work and lasted until about 3. Why you ask? Because I thought I was having a heart attack. Okay not really. I know the odds of a 23 y.o. is pretty slim, but I don't know how else to describe it. Sunday night I started having chest pains and Rach was determined it was either heartburn or anxiety. I knew it wasn't heartburn and I couldn't think of anything I should be anxious about. Sunday night was rough. I would get sharp pains whenever I would roll over or change positions in bed. But I didn't want to be a baby so I went to work. Bad move on my part. I went home, told my mom and we went to the doc. I was poked, prodded, xrayed, EKGed and the end result was a discovery of an infection in my chest wall... Say what? Didn't know that was possible but apparently it is. So I got a nice big shot in my hip to jump start antibiotics and sent home with pain meds, antibiotics and instructions to rest. And total bonus! Ready for this? My mono has come back! yay! They ran some panel test and you have to score below 18 to be considered mono-free and healthy. I was at a whopping 328. Yes! So excited for that news! Ha! My doc said medically speaking you aren't supposed to be able to get mono twice. Well. Apparently the medical books are wrong, cuz I did. I'm just cool like that. lol. Anywhoo I'm feeling better chest wise, but still dog tired. But I'll get over that too. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

P.s. I'm going to be a bridesmaid!!! In Calaigh's wedding! YIPPY! So excited! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Smokes!~ It's been ForEver!

Another month has come and gone! I can't believe it! Where has all the time gone? I feel like my birthday just happened! lol. So here's recap on the last month.
Memorial weekend was so much fun! First camping trip of the year and I can't wait for the rest of them! It was so much fun seeing family that I haven't seen in forever! And of course it being Idaho and all, it snowed and/or rained everyday we were there. Which was okay with me! lol. Spent a lot of time inside the campers playing games, eating junk food and having dance parties! Can I just say how much I LOVE camping food? Breakfasts are full of french toast and garbage eggs and pancakes and hash browns and fruit.. so good! Lunches are normal. Sandwiches and such.. nothing to brag about there. lol. But dinner! Oh My. YUMMY! Dutch oven potatoes and BBQ chicken. Scones, soups, burgers, hot dogs... I could eat this stuff all the time! But then it wouldn't taste as good so I guess I can wait. Here's a pic of the snow
And here's my sweet baby niece Taytum! Love this baby girl soooo much! :) Makes me want one of my own... Kinda. lol

On the one nice sunshiney day we wanted to ride bikes. My mother apparently has forgotten the art of bike riding and Bean tried to give her a "pump". Do you remember those? ahahahaha. Why do we call them "pumps"? So funny trying to watch her balance on that seat! hahaha

On memorial day I went hiking with two of my girlfriends up to Mesa Falls. It was so much fun! We goofed off way more than we probably should have but that's what we do. lol. On the drive up there I saw an abandoned train tunnel and I talked them into exploring it with me when we were finished with the falls. Sarah is scared of heights so she stayed at the bottom of the tunnel, but Allison and me climbed up the rocks to sit on top of it. It was crazy fun! lol. Of course when we got down we noticed that the beam we had to balance on to cross the tunnel was rotting through so it's a good thing we noticed that After the fact. Otherwise they might have talked some sense into me. Driving home I saw a sign for Cave Falls (I think I was looking for an adventure.) Allison turned around and we started down the road. It said it was only 19 miles.. About 40 minutes later on a muddy dirt road Allison called it quits. Me and Sarah begged for her to keep driving but she didn't think her car would make it up the hill. We looked up the falls when we got home. It would have been awesome!... If we had been traveling on the right road! Guess we missed our turn off somewhere... Who knew you had to drive through a golf course to get there! I bet a man came up with those directions. lol. That next weekend we were still in the mood for caves. So we took a big group up to the civil defense caves. And after three trips down the wrong roads we made it! So much fun! We took glow sticks and played hide and seek! And Maybe we had a dance party... :)

I finally finished up school for the summer! yaya! So excited not to have homework or classes that I feel guilty about skipping (hehe). To celebrate I went to Las Vegas for a week with my madre! We had so much fun! Stayed with my cousin Jessica who rocks for letting us stay at her house and eat her food. I slept in, ate lots of Eggos (been craving those for some odd reason lol)and lounged by the pool. Of course I had to share the pool with her five children and it was fun, but slightly disturbing. The two youngest had this thing about taking their clothes off and swimming naked. Vandi (who's four) wasn't too bad. But Cash (who just turned 3) had to take his diaper off to get in the pool. Made me feel like we should use more chlorine in the pool! lol

We visited my great grandma and my great aunt Kay and her daughter Shannon (who's so funny! Love this lady!). Dinner at REd Lobster is always called for when we get these ladies together. lol. Did a lot of shopping and eating out. Wish we had even 1/4 the number of restaurants they have down there! Me and my mom went country dancing Thursday night. Love line dancing! I can't seem to remember any of the steps at the moment, but when the music comes on it all comes back to me. Crazy how that works. lol. Friday I went dancing (noticing a theme yet? haha) with my friend Rylee. We met some people who turned out to be a lot of fun and we all went out for breakfast! Gotta love IHOP for being open 24 hours. lol. We got home just as the sun came up. :) Of course I started to regret that decision when I got woken up at 11 to go shopping for a wedding dress. I thought it could have waited until after 2 but oh well. It was a lot of fun. Some super pretty dresses and some not so pretty ones. Rylee was ready to buy a dress she found... we talked her out of it since she's currently single. hahaha. That night RY and I drove up to St. George for dinner and a party with the same people we had met the night before. Not as fun as the previous night, but still good to get out and laugh. Rylee and Al had a rap off. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! A pretty common occurence for me, but still! So funny! We got home around 5 am. And then I woke up two hours later to drive home. Not fun. But the week and all it's crazy events were totally worth it!
I think that's pretty much all that's happened so far. I'll keep you posted on any other exciting happenings of the summer... Think All Girls Camping Trip. It's gonna be gooooooood! hahahaha

Friday, May 14, 2010

One year older and Wiser too?

Yep it that's day of the year again. My birthday. I can't believe that another year has come and gone. It feels like I was just celebrating my 22nd birthday and now I'm at 23. It's already turning into one of the best ones yet and the day is just starting! In our house our birthday celebration is pretty much a week long. Mine and Rachael's birthday, Bean's birthday and Mother's day all usually fall within the same week so we just keep on celebrating. We did a Mother's day dinner/birthday dinner with my grandma in Pocatello on Saturday. Tuesday we did a girls day with shopping and lunch and then a family dinner that night to celebrate. Wednesday my other grandma and aunt came up from Logan and we did dinner, ice cream cake and presents. Thursday I went shopping with my mom for my best friend's birthday... just two days after mine! lol. And then there's today. Dinner with Calaigh! She's coming into town to help me celebrate. Tomorrow we're celebrating her birthday since she won't be here on Sunday. All in all a crazy busy week but so much fun! I think all birthdays should be celebrated for a week at a time.

23 just sounds so old to me. Rach says it sounds young. Maybe a kid makes a difference? lol. I think I'm having a mid-midlife crisis. I keep thinking about all the things I haven't accomplished yet and it makes me feel panicky. But then I have moments of clarity when I realize that I'm not THAT old. I still have a good fifty (hopefully, lol) years left. My life is just starting. I'm trying to be positive. I'm just happy that three of the most important people in my life get to help me celebrate!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Twin, Beaner and Calaigh! Love you guys!

Friday, May 7, 2010

NEw Loves

Went to the midnight premier of Iron Man 2. It was AWESOME! I think I might love it even better than the first. Waiting in line wasn't the most fun I've ever had, and the commercials we had to sit through were pretty torturous. But the movie and company I was with were definitely worth it. I love going to new movies on opening day. There's just a different energy to the audience. You know that every person in that room wants to see it just as badly as you do. I love that people call out things and applaud when something awesome happens. It's great! :)

Lately I've been on a Miley Cyrus kick. Who knew? lol. I watched the Hannah Montana movie last week and it was pretty good. Does anyone else think she has fantastic hair?? lol. Also watched THe Last Song, twice, in theaters. I just love that movie. It's not the typical romance. There's the unexpected twist that added some depth to it. Loved it! Especially this music video. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

A little bit of everything.. and then some

So much has happened this month and I haven't blogged any of it! I guess I just haven't been in a bloggin mood. But last night I was with my girls reminiscing about happenings these past few weeks and I decided I should probably blog them so I can remember them.
Last night we had our stake opening social for the new semester. It was refreshments and drum roll please............. A dance. What? Yes I said it. A dance. Like the kind where boys put on their good smelling axe bodyspray, girls put on their nicest/skimpiest/still modest shirt that they own and we all try and catch each others eyes without being too obvious about it. It was a complete flashback to stake dances from when you are 14 and it's the coolest thing to do on a saturday night. Unfortunately no one showed up in a prom dress. I was kinda hoping this would happen. Alas, it did not. However I was privy to witness a boy/girl interaction that had me biting my lip so I wouldn't burst out laughing while the guy was still within hearing distance. It happened to my good friend Sarah. Poor, unfortunate Sarah. hahahaha. There's this guy who we shall call Fred. And he has been crushing on Sarah for at least a semester. The moment a slow song came on, he waltzes on over, in a plaid sports jacket no less, and rubs, yes rubs, his shoulder along her back. Like a cat marking it's territory. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! And then he just keeps on walking like now it's her turn to make a move. Did I mention that he's a drama major? HA! I wish we had a camera there so we could have captured mine and Allison's looks when he did this. Or best yet, Sarah's. lol. Sarah I love you, but this is just too funny not to share! hahaha :) I wonder if he actually thought something like that would work?
We lasted at this social event for a solid 15 minutes before we called it quits. We consoled ourselves with some ColdStone. While there we were talking about something.. I can't really remember. Anyways I said something to Jenense about how weird it is that her minor is herbology when her major is dance. I guess Herbology is a Harry Potter term, humans (haha) call it horticulture. We all got a kick out of it and then proceeded to give ourselves a Harry Potter major. I am Care of Magical Creatures since I'm a zoology major, and so forth. I thought it was funny until I look over at the next table and this girl is looking at us like "No wonder these girls aren't married!" I had the girls look at her face and we all cracked up. Looks like I've turned into one of the weird people at this school... CRAP!! hahaha. Love you girls!

Two weeks ago I was down in SLC, no shocker there lol, and hung out with my best friend Calaigh and our group. I love these people. We ended up going to a Skid Row concert.. Never heard of these guys but Calaigh's parents had all access passes so we figured what the heck. They ended up being some heavy metal band full of wannabe rockstars. The lead singer could actually sing, which surprised me. But the guitar player had the longest hair that he just kept flipping all over the place and the drummer was only wearing tight leather (probably pleather) pants, with lots of tattoos covering his upper body. And he wasn't exactly in tip-top shape either. Did i mention that none of these band members are under the age of 35? We were backstage and I ended up requesting ear plugs from the tech dude. haha. He was wearing them too! The people who showed up for this concert where crazy. Mostly old people wanting to pretend they were young by wearing short, tight skirts, lots of leather and lots of tats and piercings. And lots of mullets. Not the best concert I've ever been to. After the concert we went home and youtubed the Cinnamon Challege. Lots of good footage, enough laughter that Calaigh, Courtney and Chris decided they wanted to do it. Ann and myself were the only smart ones and said no thanks. lol. I recorded the whole thing, and I'm laughing the entire time. It's on my facebook page. I don't know how to put it here to share. Sorry.. lol.

It's felt like a crazy month but I can't think of anything else. This post is already a doozy so it's all good!

p.s. Is anyone else LOVING all this rain?! No? Hmm... guess it's just me then! haha :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

Hmmm... I'm reading all these blogs about pranks that people played on each other and I have to admit that I'm just not that creative..Or maybe I'm just lazy? No one played a prank on me this year or last year or the one before that.. The one and only prank I can remember ever being played on me was when I was younger. Probably 10 or 11 and my mom sat us down and told us my dad got a job in Chicago and we were moving there at the end of the school year. We were crushed! Okay maybe RAch was more crushed than me... She ran crying from the room. I was suspicious of the whole thing so I wasn't that upset. And then it turned out to be a joke and I laughed really hard because Rach couldn't stop crying! hahahaha. GUess she didn't want to move eh? lol!
Woke up to Deke running around the house with a plastic shopping bag stuck to his head. It was really nosy. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even get it off him. No idea how he got it stuck there! Poor cat. It's making me giggle just thinking about it!hahahahaha
What else?..... We are babysitting Taytum while Rach is off in Park City on a shopping spree. Not sure how it's going to go. Good thing my mom's here to get up with her in the middle of the night... and feed her.. and change her... Okay maybe my job is only to give her snuggles and kisses. lol.
It's Easter this weekend! YAYAY! I love Easter! I think it's all about the candy for me. I was watching Jim Gaffigan last night and his holiday speal came on and I was laughing hysterically.. nothing unusual about that. Everyone should watch it. IT rocks! haha
Hmmm... I think that's about it. HAPPY EASTER!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the AIR!!

SPRING IS HERE!! Okay probably not for long, but for today it's here and I'm loving it! I've been wearing flip flops all week ( I know it's only Tuesday.. lol)and it's been amazing. I just can't bring myself to put on socks and stuffy shoes when the sun is shining, most of the snow has melted and it's in the forties! Haha. Talking with some friends last night and we discussed the weather. I was laughing really hard when one of the them pointed out that if it was 10 degrees cooler it could be snowing and yet everyone was walking around in shorts and sandals just soaking up the sun. Today is no exception. I even saw some girls laying on the sidewalk sunbathing.. The temp was 41 degrees. Gotta love Idaho. Anything over 30 is considered warm. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! HAPPY SPRING!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Poor Deke

My poor baby boy has an eye infection! It is so sad! I had Bean take him into work with her today because it wasn't getting any better. At first I thought his eye was just scratched and that's why it was watering so much. I put in neosporin to help it heal but it just kept getting worse. Finally yesterday it had goobers and he could barely open it. So off to the vet he went. We now have antibiotic ointment for his eye. Poor thing. He hates the vet. He only does good if I'm in the room with him, but the minute they try and take him in the back to do shots or weigh him, he freaks out. I think it's funny, the vet and technicians probably not so much. I think the eye was scratched by another kitty and it got infected. Stupid bullies! My little guy is declawed so he can't even defend himself (all you PETA people who think declawing is bad, don't blame me. My mom made me do it!). He wouldn't fight the other cats even if he could. Brianna says his fight or flight system is broken because he just kind of cowers, but it;s only because he's so sweet (... I sound like the mom who's kid just killed someone and all she can say is he would never hurt a fly!.. Kinda morbid.. sorry... lol) Anyways, hopefully my little man gets better soon! If you hate cats, feel free not to comment... Rach that includes you! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life update

Update on the facebook strike... apparently it cured Calaigh. She STILL hasn't posted anything on my wall! We talk and text everyday so it shouldn't matter but my ego has taken quite a hit.. I'm definitely not as popular as I thought I was. lol. I guess I never noticed that all my posts and pictures and wacky gifts were all from Calaigh. It's kinda curing me of my obsession with facebook since I know that I probably won't have anything new on my wall.. It's sad, but I think I'm getting over my facebook whoring.. as my sister calls it.

My mom came to town for a week! We went down to logan for a girls trip on monday and tuesday. It was so much fun! I thought it would be hard riding in the car with a 6 month baby for 2.5 hours but she slept for most of it and as long as we played with her she stayed happy! We got into town just in time for dinner. My two aunts, my cousin Marissa, me, Rach, Bean, mom and grandma all did dinner at Olive Garden. My family is not a quiet family. I don't think we even understand the concept of quiet... needless to say they put us in a back corner and I think the whole restaurant STILL heard us. lol. Good times :) Afterwards we went back to grandmas and did spray tans! She has a dress shop that sells pageant dresses and she has a spray tanner for the girls when the pageant comes around... no one wants a white winner! lol. I got sprayed in my undies and tank top. Nobody's gonna be seeing anything else anyways so.. lol.
The next day me, rach and beaner went to Marissa's school to surprise her. Who doesn't like being pulled out of class and taken to lunch. The school there is so laid back. Students were walking around during class and no one said anything. We walked right by the office looking for her class and noone stopped us or said a thing! What if we were bombers or something! The rent a cop didn't even look at us twice... Guess we don't look very threatening. lol. We did lunch at Wingers and then took off for home. It was a fun trip. Just long enough to get in some good food, lots of laughter and time with the fam. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Facebook Strike

I know what you're thinking.. that I'm about to inform everyone that I'm going on strike because Facebook has started to consume my life.. WRONG!
I am not strong enough to go on a facebook strike. And I get notifications in my email about everything that goes on with my profile. So if I did go on strike (not likely to happen any time soon) I would have to go on strike from my e-mail as well!That's just crazy talk. I'm on my computer all day long! What would I do if I couldn't be checking all my sites..
So this is about my best friend who is on Facebook strike. She's ending her fast (as she calls it) tonight at midnight so that it's technically Tuesday. She's been fasting for a week now. And I think I'm having as many withdrawals as she is! My entire page is usually crazy and wacky posts from her, song lyrics I need to check out or random pics she found that we took last time we were together. But this past week there has been NO activity! Guess I'm not as popular as I thought. lol. I've been writing on her wall everyday to give her updates on what's goin on. One of her other friends went through and commented on about 100 of her pictures. She's going to be responding and sorting through everthing for about three hours tonight. hahaha. Serves her right for making other people suffer like this! :)
Calaigh! I can't wait for this fast to end! I'm expecting LOTS of posts on my wall tomorrow morning! Happy Facebooking tonight! Love you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And... I went back to SLC :)

It was President's day weekend.. I had monday off of work and Calaigh's family was going down to their condo in St. George for the weekend. I was plannin on going down Friday night, but she had to work until midnight so I hung out with the boys. We went and seen The Lightening Thief. It was actually pretty good. Saturday I drove down and we went to the movie Valentine's Day with a big group of people. Loved it! Lots of funny parts and surprises that you don't expect. The bloopers are hilarious!

After the movie we went and got Ann's ears pierced. She's twenty years old and has never pierced them. I'd say it went pretty good. lol. Then we headed to the gateway to eat at Rumbi's. LOVE THIS PLACE!! We need one up here in Idaho. It would do awesome! The best rice bowls ever... We met up with some more friends and did a sleepover at Calaigh's house. It was a pre-valentine party... Four girls, six tubs of ice cream, three bags of popcorn, a carton of strawberries, don't forget the chocolate sauce, music and all the girl talk you can imagine... all in all a very productive night. lol. The next morning we watched The Hot Chick (so funny!)and then got ready for the day (V Day). I spent the afternoon with my uncle Barry and his family. Love these guys. Best Nauvoo (sp?) tacos I've ever had! those sound really good right now....

Anyways, later that night we went over to a friend's apartment, ordered in Chinese, watched some Olympics and sat in the hot tub. We spent a good hour watching Kellie Pickler on YouTube. That girl is seriously stupid. It kills me. I was laughing so hard! Monday Calaigh had to work so I hung out at my old job and snuggled baby guinea pigs and Tara's snake Boss. I wanted to bring home one of the guinea pigs but my dad said no.. wish I had my own place. Then that little fella would have been mine. :)

That night we went to the movie Sherlock Holmes with Calaigh's missionary's family. It was a really good movie. Robert Downey Jr is an amazing actor.. not to mention very attractive. I was supposed to go home tuesday morning, but Calaigh talked me into staying another night. It wasn't too hard since I didn't really want to leave anyways. lol. so tuesday we spent the morning cleaning the house, watching the Bachelor (OMG!!!) and listening to music. We didn't leave the house until 4 ish.. It was a lazy day.:) We went to the mall, took pics of crazy things, went back to Calaigh's and made some ice cream, watched a movie and then chatted til 2 in the am. It made for a tired drive this morning, but I managed it. lol.
All in all an awesome weekend! Here are some goofy pics :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cars... really worth the trouble?

So... after work I drive over to my friend's house to pick up a coat that I had left in her car. I walk out to the parking lot and I hear a hissing sound. I look down and my back tire is slowly deflating.. Of course I don't have a spare, cuz that's just how it goes for me. lol. So I go in and ask to borrow Crystal's car. Of course she lets me because she is awesome like that. I go out to my car, grab my wallet, think to myself I have everything I need and I lock my door. When I get to the tire shop it occurs to me that I didn't grab my keys. When I went to lock my car I was holding keys in my hand and it didn't occur to me that they were for a DIFFERENT vehicle. That's right.. I locked myself out of my car with a flat tire. This all happened within a twenty minute span.. Guess it just isn't my night. Crystal was shocked that I was laughing about the situation, but really what else could I do? I have no idea where the flat tire came from, but it's my fault I don't have a spare and it's also my fault for locking my keys in my car. I have a spare set here at home and I'll just catch a ride with Bean in the morning... Moral of the story: Always have a spare tire and always double check that the keys in your hand open the right car. :) Lesson learned.. lol

The Bachelor

GAh.... I know I'm one of those people.. THe kind that obsesses over the show and follows it every week and freaks out if it didn't record, but then calms down when they realize that they can still watch it online, they just have to wait a VERY LONG 24 hours after it aired... and then goes on to discuss it with any and everyone who is willing to listen/respond/you corner so they have no choice.. lol. Yes that is me. And OMH (that stands for Oh My Hell fyi, lol, rach taught it to me) I can't believe what happened this week! Is Ali out of her freakin mind?! Those two were perfect together! I understand that she would be freaked out about giving up her job because he might not have picked her in the end, but what if he was going to?! She could find another job. Oh well.. I'm sure there will be more drama to ensue.. But I was hoping he would get rid of nasty VIenna. I seriously can't stand her! And she's freaking UGLY! SHe looks anemic with those dark circles under her eyes and her makeup does not help.. And she's so obnoxious! When he told her mom that the other girls were always trying to 'throw her under the bus' the mom says 'It;s been that way her whole life".. uhh... Hello?! It seems to me if people have being doing that her whole life then she probably belongs there! Jeez.. talk about having a biased opinion. I was seriously so frustrated after I watched it.. Hopefully next week is less frustrating and Ali comes back and he gets rid of the skank Vienna... gag. Alright I've vented. lol.

Monday, February 8, 2010

SuperBowl Weekend

So I'm totally bummed that the Colts didn't win... but happy for the Saints since they have never won a superbowl. That interception that turned the whole game was pretty sweet after I got over being pissed that Manning would throw such a crappy pass.. Anyways it was a lot of fun. We did the party at Dan's house. We had the typical party food consisting of chocolate (a must), little weinies, 7layer dip, chips and salsa, some homemade cookies... pretty good food for a guy. lol. After the game we talked, watched some old episodes of CSI and the boys wrestled... They always do this. One person falls asleep so the rest of the guys have to dogpile him to wake him up and so on.. Sometimes it can get a little rough. I have a bruise and I wasn't even participating! I was lying innocently on my luvsac when Kendell and Brice start the match. I see them coming towards me so I roll off the luvsac and land on Reed's knee. That kinda knocked the wind out but it was okay. Except then the boys decide to follow suit and rolled each other off the luvsac and landed right on me! Which pushed me back onto Reed's knee.. this time it felt like I cracked a rib! Dang boys. I love these boys but some days they are too crazy! On saturday they turned a couch into a sled.. Like something you pull behind the truck in the snow. If they fall off that thing there are going to be broken bones. I wish them all the luck, but no way am I getting on that thing!

And I got a new calling! I'm really excited about this one! I'm the service coordinator for the ward and a member of the activities board. We are doing a canning project at the end of this month but if any of you locals hear about anything that needs done let me know! I have no idea were to start on looking for service projects that my ward could do! lol. Thanks guys!

Monday, February 1, 2010

SaLt LaKe CiTY!!!

Finally! The new year has something exciting going on! I got a phone call last tuesday morning from a good friend Crystal. She was driving down to provo to tour hair schools and wanted to know if I wanted to ride with her! Heck Yeah! was my reply! I haven't been down there since last july I think! I was so freakin excited! We left thurday night and she dropped me off at Calaigh's house. We ended up babysitting that night for her aunt and uncle.. Is it bad to fall asleep when you are babysitting? Calaigh and I were debating over this. We fell asleep watching AirHeads.. Weird movie. Her aunt and uncle didn't get home til 2 in the am so I thought it was fine that we were sleeping. She felt a little guilty but what else could we do? The kids were sleeping so we didn't really have to "watch" them... Any thoughts? Friday and Saturday morning we went to her gym and swam, hot tubbed and sat in the steam room.. I couldn't breathe in the steam room. Humidity is just not my thing. "It feels like you have a humidifier shoved down your lungs, I love it!" Quote from Calaigh.. not sure why you would want that feeling ever, but there you go. lol. After the gym on friday we got gelato and burger king, picked up the kids from school and went home and helped her little sister bake cookies. We did a girls night in. Painted our nails, made homemade ice cream, watched some chick flicks.. loved it! Some nights you just feel like putting on pjs and doing nothing. It was awesome :) Saturday after the gym we went to the movies with her mom and good friends and seen When in Rome. It was good... not as good as I thought it was going to be. But there were definitely some funny moments in there. Then we went window shopping and then home to cook some pasta. We made pesto with penne and it was soooo good! Love pesto! Later we went and hung out with her old high school friends. Ordered a pizza, watched a movie, hot tubbed.. Love her friends! I haven't laughed that much in a long time. lol. Sunday we did breakfast burritos with the fam and then church. Then it was back home for me. Calaigh and her friends have me half talked into moving back down there. I miss it so much! If I didn;t have my awesome job or my baby niece up here I would probably do it. I'm sure Calaigh will keep pushing me on it.. and who knows what the future will bring. lol. Enjoy some pics from our awesome weekend!

Making ice cream!

New friends!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best Commercial Ever!

This is my new favorite commercial. I laugh hysterically every time I see it. I love it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year

So it's almost a month into the new year and I haven't posted anything so I figured I should put something up. Not too much has happened this year... granted it's only 21 days into the new year but I was hoping for something a little more exciting than this... hmm. Guess I'll have to work on that. lol. Mostly I just hang out with friends, watch movies, and work. It's nice being in the winter semester because A) I'm off track so no school for me! WOOT WOOT!! 2) Most of my besties are back in town from being gone for fall semester! Yes! and 3) I don't have to do homework or find parking in the snow... that probs coulda gone with number A but oh well. :) Sad thing is Calaigh is gone! She might not come back up to school! That's just plain crazy to me... guess I'll have to move to Utah :) Sounds like a pretty good plan. lol. She's one of my besties up here. She came and visited this past weekend and it was awesome. I had to share her with other people... mainly boys, but it was still awesome. We spent saturday downloading songs to itunes and eating pizza. Sunday we went to church like good girls. Monday was the perfect girls day. We went to Idaho Falls and returned a jacket, fixed her cell phone, got mochas from Starbucks (delish!), got Henna tattoos, looked at wedding rings (just for fun (: ) and then read Cosmo while trying to find her a job so she could move back up here. We finished the night off with dinner at Texas Roadhouse and family night with her dad and sisters, which included waffles and ice cream and The Bachelor. :) All-in-All an excellent weekend. Here are a few pics of us. We (I really mean her) go picture happy when we're together. Most of these are from other times. She hasn't uploaded pics from this weekend yet. Enjoy!