Friday, May 14, 2010

One year older and Wiser too?

Yep it that's day of the year again. My birthday. I can't believe that another year has come and gone. It feels like I was just celebrating my 22nd birthday and now I'm at 23. It's already turning into one of the best ones yet and the day is just starting! In our house our birthday celebration is pretty much a week long. Mine and Rachael's birthday, Bean's birthday and Mother's day all usually fall within the same week so we just keep on celebrating. We did a Mother's day dinner/birthday dinner with my grandma in Pocatello on Saturday. Tuesday we did a girls day with shopping and lunch and then a family dinner that night to celebrate. Wednesday my other grandma and aunt came up from Logan and we did dinner, ice cream cake and presents. Thursday I went shopping with my mom for my best friend's birthday... just two days after mine! lol. And then there's today. Dinner with Calaigh! She's coming into town to help me celebrate. Tomorrow we're celebrating her birthday since she won't be here on Sunday. All in all a crazy busy week but so much fun! I think all birthdays should be celebrated for a week at a time.

23 just sounds so old to me. Rach says it sounds young. Maybe a kid makes a difference? lol. I think I'm having a mid-midlife crisis. I keep thinking about all the things I haven't accomplished yet and it makes me feel panicky. But then I have moments of clarity when I realize that I'm not THAT old. I still have a good fifty (hopefully, lol) years left. My life is just starting. I'm trying to be positive. I'm just happy that three of the most important people in my life get to help me celebrate!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Twin, Beaner and Calaigh! Love you guys!

Friday, May 7, 2010

NEw Loves

Went to the midnight premier of Iron Man 2. It was AWESOME! I think I might love it even better than the first. Waiting in line wasn't the most fun I've ever had, and the commercials we had to sit through were pretty torturous. But the movie and company I was with were definitely worth it. I love going to new movies on opening day. There's just a different energy to the audience. You know that every person in that room wants to see it just as badly as you do. I love that people call out things and applaud when something awesome happens. It's great! :)

Lately I've been on a Miley Cyrus kick. Who knew? lol. I watched the Hannah Montana movie last week and it was pretty good. Does anyone else think she has fantastic hair?? lol. Also watched THe Last Song, twice, in theaters. I just love that movie. It's not the typical romance. There's the unexpected twist that added some depth to it. Loved it! Especially this music video. :)