Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the AIR!!

SPRING IS HERE!! Okay probably not for long, but for today it's here and I'm loving it! I've been wearing flip flops all week ( I know it's only Tuesday.. lol)and it's been amazing. I just can't bring myself to put on socks and stuffy shoes when the sun is shining, most of the snow has melted and it's in the forties! Haha. Talking with some friends last night and we discussed the weather. I was laughing really hard when one of the them pointed out that if it was 10 degrees cooler it could be snowing and yet everyone was walking around in shorts and sandals just soaking up the sun. Today is no exception. I even saw some girls laying on the sidewalk sunbathing.. The temp was 41 degrees. Gotta love Idaho. Anything over 30 is considered warm. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! HAPPY SPRING!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Poor Deke

My poor baby boy has an eye infection! It is so sad! I had Bean take him into work with her today because it wasn't getting any better. At first I thought his eye was just scratched and that's why it was watering so much. I put in neosporin to help it heal but it just kept getting worse. Finally yesterday it had goobers and he could barely open it. So off to the vet he went. We now have antibiotic ointment for his eye. Poor thing. He hates the vet. He only does good if I'm in the room with him, but the minute they try and take him in the back to do shots or weigh him, he freaks out. I think it's funny, the vet and technicians probably not so much. I think the eye was scratched by another kitty and it got infected. Stupid bullies! My little guy is declawed so he can't even defend himself (all you PETA people who think declawing is bad, don't blame me. My mom made me do it!). He wouldn't fight the other cats even if he could. Brianna says his fight or flight system is broken because he just kind of cowers, but it;s only because he's so sweet (... I sound like the mom who's kid just killed someone and all she can say is he would never hurt a fly!.. Kinda morbid.. sorry... lol) Anyways, hopefully my little man gets better soon! If you hate cats, feel free not to comment... Rach that includes you! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life update

Update on the facebook strike... apparently it cured Calaigh. She STILL hasn't posted anything on my wall! We talk and text everyday so it shouldn't matter but my ego has taken quite a hit.. I'm definitely not as popular as I thought I was. lol. I guess I never noticed that all my posts and pictures and wacky gifts were all from Calaigh. It's kinda curing me of my obsession with facebook since I know that I probably won't have anything new on my wall.. It's sad, but I think I'm getting over my facebook whoring.. as my sister calls it.

My mom came to town for a week! We went down to logan for a girls trip on monday and tuesday. It was so much fun! I thought it would be hard riding in the car with a 6 month baby for 2.5 hours but she slept for most of it and as long as we played with her she stayed happy! We got into town just in time for dinner. My two aunts, my cousin Marissa, me, Rach, Bean, mom and grandma all did dinner at Olive Garden. My family is not a quiet family. I don't think we even understand the concept of quiet... needless to say they put us in a back corner and I think the whole restaurant STILL heard us. lol. Good times :) Afterwards we went back to grandmas and did spray tans! She has a dress shop that sells pageant dresses and she has a spray tanner for the girls when the pageant comes around... no one wants a white winner! lol. I got sprayed in my undies and tank top. Nobody's gonna be seeing anything else anyways so.. lol.
The next day me, rach and beaner went to Marissa's school to surprise her. Who doesn't like being pulled out of class and taken to lunch. The school there is so laid back. Students were walking around during class and no one said anything. We walked right by the office looking for her class and noone stopped us or said a thing! What if we were bombers or something! The rent a cop didn't even look at us twice... Guess we don't look very threatening. lol. We did lunch at Wingers and then took off for home. It was a fun trip. Just long enough to get in some good food, lots of laughter and time with the fam. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Facebook Strike

I know what you're thinking.. that I'm about to inform everyone that I'm going on strike because Facebook has started to consume my life.. WRONG!
I am not strong enough to go on a facebook strike. And I get notifications in my email about everything that goes on with my profile. So if I did go on strike (not likely to happen any time soon) I would have to go on strike from my e-mail as well!That's just crazy talk. I'm on my computer all day long! What would I do if I couldn't be checking all my sites..
So this is about my best friend who is on Facebook strike. She's ending her fast (as she calls it) tonight at midnight so that it's technically Tuesday. She's been fasting for a week now. And I think I'm having as many withdrawals as she is! My entire page is usually crazy and wacky posts from her, song lyrics I need to check out or random pics she found that we took last time we were together. But this past week there has been NO activity! Guess I'm not as popular as I thought. lol. I've been writing on her wall everyday to give her updates on what's goin on. One of her other friends went through and commented on about 100 of her pictures. She's going to be responding and sorting through everthing for about three hours tonight. hahaha. Serves her right for making other people suffer like this! :)
Calaigh! I can't wait for this fast to end! I'm expecting LOTS of posts on my wall tomorrow morning! Happy Facebooking tonight! Love you!