Thursday, October 21, 2010

Afton, Wyoming

Went to Afton over the past weekend. It's really pretty there. It's only about 30 minutes past palisades. Most people think that Wyoming is full of sagebrush but I didn't see any where we were. lol. My friend Katie is from there and invited us home for the weekend. She went down a day earlier than me and Kacy... or that was the plan. But she ended up "needing" us a little early so Thursday night at around 11 me and Kacy loaded up the car and took off! Let me tell you.. we had the BIGGEST sugar high when we finally got there. I'm talking a bag of iced oatmeal cookies, bag of jerky, a box of little debbie zebra cakes, two apples and some milk. We went a little overboard but we didn't want to chance falling asleep. Or this is the excuse we gave ourselves. lol. When Katie pulled into the Maverick, which is the ONLY place open after 8 even on weekends (I'm not kidding), Kace and I were laughing so hard people were looking at us like we were drunk. And then the inevitable happened. Our sugar high crashed around 2 am and we passed out. lol. But it was totally worth it.

Friday we went hiking! It was my kind of hike. A leisurely stroll through some pretty trees with a creek running next to it. We hiked up to this intermittent spring. It stops and goes every 15 minutes, kinda like Old Faithful. It was steep hiking up the waterfall part but totally worth it! The moss on the rocks was almost neon green and the water tasted just like melted snow! Which it probably was... lol. We passed under a glacier to get to the top which freaked Katie out, but not nearly as bad as walking across it to get back down. lol. That night we just chilled and watched Jackass 2.5. I love Jackass. It makes me laugh so hard! We are going to see Jackass 3D sometime in the next week! I can't wait for that! lol. Okay I got sidetracked.
Saturday we woke up early (10 lol) to go to the local animal shelter and snuggle all the homeless creatures. This is not something that I like to do because then I feel awful when I can't take any of them home. But oh well. There was a kitten there who was crazy! I loved her instantly but couldn't convince anyone to take her home... :( Later that day me and Kacy explored the town while Katie did homework. This town has about 1800 people so it's not huge. We found a super cute second hand bookstore where we spent about an hour looking through everything. I was in heaven. I could have spent all day there! Then we hit up a local mexican joint. I noticed that in super small towns everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, stares at new people. I can't count how many people stared at us as we walked the street. lol. Oh well.

Sunday we went to a farewell and then headed home. Me and Kace took our time and stopped for some pics and square ice cream! You can't go through Swan Valley and not get square ice cream! It blew Kacy away that it was actually square. lol. So here is the picture overload. Enjoy! lol
Waiting for the spring to come back onEmbracing nature?? Lol

Me and Katie at the spring

Kacy is a picture nazi and made us all take portraits with the pretty rocks. lol

Drinking from the spring :)

Hiking under the glacier!

Exploring the big town of Afton! Kacy looks like an alien! lol

Four wheeler ride!

Headed Home!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random is my Middle name

So this is just bits and pieces of all the thoughts floating around in my head. lol. My life is crazy busy these days and I'm LOVING it! Working two jobs, school and socializing are taking up all my time, the socializing more so than the other stuff (hehe). My other blog is rockin and we are booked for the rest of the year with interviews! It's crazy how fast everything is happening with that blog! Me and my blog sister started it up in April (May? not sure. lol) and it started out as just a place for us to write reviews and share our opinion on books and movies. And now we work with authors and their publicists to do reviews of the books before they even hit the shelves! It's so much fun, but a lot of hard work. It's almost like working another full time job but it's definitely worth it, :)

I went grocery shopping last night. I'm not sure why everyone hates it. Maybe they just hate having to take their kids with them? IDK. I love it. I get excited thinking about all the fun meals I get to make and what I could add to make it even better! lol. I'm weird like that. lol. My sis, Rach, she hates grocery shopping. Puts it off until she literally has nothing left in her fridge. Next time she should just go with me. I'll make it fun!

I also went to B&N last night, love that store :) I sat and read for a couple of hours, drank my coffee (I'm a sinner like that :P )and just watched people. It's one of my favorite things to do. And apparently my mexican heritage is peeking through. I got stopped by a little mexican man on my way to the cafe and he asked if I speak spanish. I felt bad saying no. Maybe I should learn it? My dad has the Rosetta Stone tapes, maybs I should borrow them. Food for thought I guess.

I also took pics of my new place. But it was with my phone camera and the pics aren't bright and cute like they should be so I'll work on getting new ones. But don't hold your breath for them. It takes me awhile to get anything done. lol. Just ask Rach. It drives her crazy. I simply look at it as the hippie approach. Everything happens in good time. lol :)

Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah! Calaigh got married two weeks ago. I was a bridesmaid. And I've decided that I'm going to elope. Yep. It seems like the safer/saner approach. lol. It was fun, but we literally ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. I don't know who was happier that the wedding day had finally arrived, me or the bride! lol. Calaigh was awesome about it though. She wasn't the bridezilla, it was her mom. I love Sharon but I could have killed her and her brothers would have been next. It reaffirmed my desire to not have kids. lol. Okay maybe one day... ten years down the road... when I can afford a nanny.... haha. That's something else that's funny about going to school up here. People ask how many kids I want, not if I want them, and all I can say is I love my niece. lol. They look at me like they are waiting for me to actually answer the question but I find that when I do answer and say I don't really want them, people give me funny looks. Like maybe I'm possessed by satan or something pleasant like that. lol
I'm in a weird mood today. Forgive my ramblings. hehe

I'm going to Star Valley Wyoming tomorrow. I'm not sure what's there but I'm told that it's a lot of fun. lol. I guess we'll see what adventures arise and base my opinion on that. lol.

Well I guess that's all for now. This was random in every definition of the word but oh well. That's how it goes some days. :)