Friday, May 29, 2009

Fix me PLEASE!!!

Today I am feeling very much like my eggo is preggo. I woke up starving so I grab a salad to eat on my way to work cuz that's what I was craving. And now three hours later the smell of the dressing has me dry heaving. I'm having to breathe through my mouth so I don't gag. I actually had to set the garbage can outside just now so I could continue sitting at my desk. I don't know what my deal is. Lately smells have been getting to me like nothing else. I usually have a pretty strong stomach, but lately just the thought of some smells has me gagging. I actually threw up two weeks ago because of the smell of my Nilla wafers. What?! I can't remember the last time I actually threw up. I love Nilla wafers and usually eat them by the box. But at the moment just the thought of them is making my mouth water, and not in a good way. I wish I could just waltz into a hospital and say, "I'd like to get fixed please." The way you can take your dog or cat into the vet and get them "fixed". Wouldn't that be so nice? You wouldn't have any periods, you wouldn't have to worry about ever getting preggo and all the nasty side effects that come with being preggo. Feeling nauseous is just about the worst feeling in whole world. I hate it! It gives you a headache and makes you feel achy and tired and grumpy. This is pretty much just a pity me post. Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through. Love you guys.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy Weekend

So I spent my memorial weekend down in salt lake with my friend Tara. It was a blast! It was a much needed vacay... even though I don't really work that hard. :) We babysat Ashley's dogs since she was down in Florida visiting her brother. It was a mad house! She has a rottweiller that is huge! I thought he was part Great Dane when I first saw him. Then she has a Golden Retriever and a hound. Add to that Tara's dog Phantom, he's a mix, and her little dog Sadie and her parent's Dautschand, Dexter, and it was crazy! The little weiner dog, Dexter, was trying to hump the golden retriever, Sage, who did not like that at all. Then Blue, the rottweiller, didn't like Phantom so they were fighting and chasing each other all over the house. Blue has a problem with drooling. It was disgusting. We had Ash's three dogs in the backseat of Tara's car and Blue would stick his head up front to be with us. I had to use my purse as a shield against his drool. It was running down my arm and everytime he would close his mouth it would splatter all over us. It was a very long car ride to drop him back off at Ashley's house. Needless to say I had to go home and change my shirt because it was covered in dog slobber. Tara and Ashley also adopted a kitten. He is only two weeks old and his name is Cartman. He is a persian so his ears are all squished to his head. We had to bottle feed him every couple of hours. But it was okay. Most places let us take him inside with us. We went to the Mayan for dinner. It was crazy how those divers would just leap off the rocks doing flips. I don't think I could do that. I can only image how that job interview would go. After dinner we went to layton and hung out with some of Tara's friends. Then headed down to Spanish Fork to a lodge where we played pool and watched movies. We did a lot of driving that night. :) The next day we slept in and then got lunch at Mimi's Cafe. It was really good. I got this turkey sandwich on ciabatta bread. I could only eat half of it because it was so big! Then we topped the meal off with a chocolate shake from McDonalds! YUMMY! That night we went to a bar. I know, I know. Bad Amber. Whatever, it was so much fun! It was this Irish pub and it had kareokee and dancing and it was so much fun! We danced the night away and sang along with kareokee people. It was a blast! I wanted to get up and sing but Tara wouldn't do it with me. Maybe next time... Monday I went out to Tooele and put flowers on Chris's mom's grave. I couldn't believe how many people were at the cemetary. Crazy. Then I went to a barbeque with Lisa and Bruce. They are a couple that I worked with up in Alaska. I love these guys! Their kids are awesome. Syd is going to be a senior this next year and Boon is almost 16 I think. He used to be annoying when I first met him. But now he just makes me laugh. I am going down to stay with them for a weekend in June and I can't wait. Overall it was a dang fun weekend. Hope everyone else had a fun weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Treasure Trove

I had a baby shower that I went to last night. So I'm at K-mart buying the little guy some clothes and of course I had to pick up some for Rachie's little girl... I love baby clothes! So cute how little they are! Anywhoo, I walk over to the Dollar Tree to buy a bag and tissue paper because it's cheap right? This Dollar Tree was amazing! I've been to dollar stores before, obviously:), but this one was awesome! They had an entire isle dedicated just to gift bags. They were bags that were so cute. You would of paid 5 bucks at Target or Walmart for bags that looked just like these ones. And the tissue paper was in bulk. Which I didn't need, but it was still a great deal. 20 - 40 sheets of sparkly or colored tissue paper for $1!!! SWEEET!! They had lotions that were name brands just in smaller size. And everything is really just a dollar! I hate those dollar stores where they charge you MORE than a dollar. Family Dollar is very guilty of doing this... I got a three pack of Spearmint flavored Certs for just a buck! I love Certs! And I got a four pack of Extra gum. It's a new flavor called Supermint. It;s definitely super... I think I inhaled when I went to put it in my mouth because I was choking for about three minutes afterward. Jennie was laughing her head off which made me laugh which made me choke even harder... Needless to say I was crying by the time I could breathe again. :) You could buy flip flops, kids swimming suits, preggo tests (not sure how reliable those would be, just sayin...) decorations for all holidays, lotions, makeup, food... It was seriously a little treasure trove. I want to go back! Just thought I would share so that you can all get in on the great deals. Love ya!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

X-men Rock!

So I just saw the new x-men movie, Wolverine and it rocked! I love Hugh Jackman. Did anyone else notice that we totally got a great view of his lovely behind??? Do you think it was a stunt double? I sure hope not. That man has got one fine lookin body. I'm not sure who played his brother in the movie, but I don't think I will ever be able to see another movie with him in it without viewing him as being evil. Kinda like I can't watch a movie with Glenn Close in it when she is trying to play a good guy because she is so totally evil from the movie 101 Dalmations. Some people are just born to play certain roles, like Hugh Jackman who was born to play the role of the hero, and a good lookin one at that. I'm going to see the new Angels and Demons movie tonight and I'm anxious to see if it is as good as the book. Probably not since I have yet to see a movie that can compare to the book, but I have my fingers crossed that one day it will happen. It doesn't matter if the movie is as great as the book because regardless Dan Brown is an awesome writer. He is one of the few mystery/suspense novelists that I actually like. That's all I have to say on that matter. LAter

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OtTeR POPS*****

This is just a shout out to one of my favorite summer treats... Otter Pops! I used to eat these all the time when I was younger. Pink, Orange, Blue, Green.. okay they are all my favorite flavors. It had been years since I had eaten them until I started dating Chris. We used buy them by the box and finish it off within a week. We would just grab a handful of them and watch a movie and eat like 10 each! My favorite is when they start to get a little melted and you can just suck it right out of the plastic... My snowcone earlier tonight reminded me of them. I was eating my gummi worm flavored snowcone and I kept thinking 'what does this remind me of?' It tasted like something that I couldn't quite name. And of course it wasn't the snowcone it was reminding me of... duh. It took me about five minutes of wracking my brain before I finally remembered what it was. ANd then I couldn't stop smiling! OTTER POPS! They always bring a smile to my face. But now I feel the need to go out and buy a box. Maybe I'll hold off to see if the craving goes away... But I doubt that it will. I'll keep you updated. It's a totally random post, but I felt the need to share my love of otter pops with everyone so they might feel tempted to go out and buy some. You don't know what you are missing if you have never had an otter pop!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So tomorrow I will officially be 22! I think this sounds extremely old, but Rach thinks it sounds young. But since this is MY blog, we're gonna go with my opinion. LOL. Now that I'm starting to get on in years, or so some people think, I have to wonder why some people think I should have gotten married at the age of 18? They make me feel like I'm going on 40 instead of just 22! Funny story... I went to my FHE group for the first time a month ago and we had to all go around and introduce ourselves and tell them about our family. So I say that I am a twin and I have a little sister. The bishop asks me why my twin isn't in the ward with me and I reply that she is married and about to have a baby and that she just graduated. To which a girl in my group replies, "Do you feel like a total failure compared to her?" !!! Can you believe that?! I didn't until you said that, dumb jerk! So what that I haven't graduated from school yet? What makes her think that I WANT to be married and having a baby?! Some people are so close minded. It drives me crazy. Only in Mormonville, USA do people make you feel bad for making it to your twenties without getting married. And just to answer that question, no I do not feel like a total failure compared to Rachael. I like my life just the way it is. I'm excited to be turning 22 and still be single. I'm excited to see what this new year in my life will bring. I wonder what presents I'll get??? I love getting presents! That's probably the only thing that I like about Christmas... I know, I'm a scrooge.. oh well! So I don't really have anything else to post about my birthday since it hasn't actually happened... :) I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

SnOw CoNeS!!!!

So I had my first snow cone of the season and it was awesome! It could have used a little bit more juice, but the flavor was still everything I had imagined it to be! I love the green apple flavor. Rach says it smells like vomit, but trust me it doesn't. And it definitely doesn't taste like vomit! I tried a new flavor called gummi worm, it's a combo of green apple and blue raspberry and it was pretty dang good. I love that you can get such a yummy, cold treat for so cheap! I'm definitely looking forward to getting another one. It will just be one of many for the coming summer!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Magic, Fantasy and Sci-Fi... I heart you!

So I am one of those people who loves the sci-fi movies and the vampire books. I love getting caught up in a different world when I'm reading. It makes life seem so much more exciting when you think about all the possibilities. Too bad it's all fiction. :( I like to daydream about some vampire prince coming into my life looking like some guy off the cover of a romance novel and sweeping me off my feet.... Just kidding! lol. But seriously, I think I would like to be young forever. Think of all the things that you could do! Anywhoo I'm excited to see the new X-men origins movie! Wolverine is hot! Okay so maybe it's more that Hugh Jackman is hot, but it's basically the same thing. :) That's really all I have to say. And now everyone knows that one of my quirks is the love of the impossible and unknown. Later!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Road Trip

I love road trips. Today me, rach, ben and beaner all drove down to logan to pick up beaner's horses. It wasn't really a road trip since it only lasted a day, but it was still fun. I love going for long drives with people that I love. Going on a drive on a sunny day and listening to music and laughing and taking in the sights is probably one of my favorite things to do. It started out that just bean was going to pick up her horses. But then I wanted to go because I thought it would be nice to go on a drive. So I called into work and requested the day off, which I got because I have a pretty cool boss. Then Rach decided that she wanted to go so she called ben at work to let him know. And then HE decided that he wanted to go so he got off work and the road trip was set into motion. So once it was decided that we were all going along for the drive we loaded up the horse trailer and took off. Of course we had to stop and grab some Wendy's for lunch. I love the fries with my frosty! Then we stopped at the gas station and picked up some water bottles and sunflower seeds. It isn't a road trip without sunflower seeds. Once we got to logan we loaded up bean's desk from my grandma;s house and headed to LaBeau's for a shake. I love their shakes. I was first introduced to this place down at Bear Lake, but now they have one in Logan! Then we loaded up the horses and headed back home. It was very uninventful, but still a lot of fun. I love hanging out with my sisters. We laughed the whole drive, listened to Totally Hits 2001 and reminisced about the old days and just had fun. Gotta love road trips!