Friday, July 30, 2010

Girls Trip + Utah with the Besties :)

So as promised this is the post to catch you up on the all girls camping trip. It was fun. Definitely an adventure. lol. We went to a hot springs so it wasn't really 'roughing it'. I'm not sure we could have handled roughing it. lol. And before you get too amazed that we went all alone I have to confess that my dad and uncle drove the campers (yep we were camping hardcore hahahaha) up for us, since I have no idea how to reverse one of those things. But after that we were on our own. Rach's hubby Ben was pretty worried about us. "How are you guys going to hook up the propane?" "How are you guys going to start a fire?" "How are you guys going to cook food?" Just a few of his questions. But fear not, although we don't know how to park a camper, we are fully capable of setting it up. I'll admit that we had trouble the first night cooking, but it really wasn't our faults! My uncle steve cross threaded the propane line so when you turned it on it just hissed and let out the propane instead of sending it into the cooker. We couldn't figure out what was going on so we had to ask our neighbor. He was really nice about it, although he did laugh when he discovered it was all girls camping.

I wish I could say that was the only mishap that occurred, but alas it wasn't. I was in charge of bringing up firewood since everyone else had forgotten it and I came up later. But it didn't occur to me that the wood had to be CHOPPED... lol. Good thing my aunt cristal had an ax... although no one really knew how to use it. My little cousin McKenzie said she did, but I think it was more luck when she finally cracked one. Beaner tried to give it a go and I about peed my pants laughing. We got it on video. hahaha. Somehow she hit the log and launched it at herself while still swinging the ax around. She's lucky she didn't cut her leg off. lol. AFter that we just threw the logs on the fire whole.. and it worked... after lots of bug spray and paper plates were thrown in. lol. After that first night it was pretty smooth sailing. :) My best friend from high school, Lacy, came up with her little man Kael and went swimming with us. It was so good to see her again! I haven't seen her since Christmas. We had a lot to catch up on :)

Now I love hot water probably more than the next person (lol) but it just wasn't doing it for me on this trip. It was around 90 degrees out so I'd jump in the water to cool down. Only problem was that the water was the same temp! I could have done with cooler water but oh well. It was still a lot of fun and I got me an awesome tan! Yay for skin cancer! lol. My grandma came up the last day and went swimming with us. That was probably the funnest day. We did all kinds of competitions, most of them having to do with the bottom of the pool. lol. My grandma was showing off when she did the splits down there... lol.

The next day I headed off to SLC to see my besties and help Calaigh with wedding plans! It was so much fun! Saturday was pretty low key with reading at B&N, dinner at a super yummy sandwich shop and a party with our friend Ann. I love meeting new people and I seem to do it everytime I'm down there! It's awesome! lol. Sunday my friend from Alaska, Parker, had his mission farewell so I drove out to Tooele to hear him talk. I was late... of course. lol. But Booner rescued me in the lobby and had saved me a seat. Then it was back to the city to do brunch with Calaigh, Ann and our good friend Chris. Love this kid! He wasn't quite awake when we sat down but he came around since we were all laughing so much. :) Seriously love these people! I wish I lived there... I guess it'll just have to be my second home for now :)Then I went back out to Tooele to hang with Parker and Sydney. It was good catching up on everything. I haven't seen these guys since last summer! Then I swung by the cemetery to make a special stop and then it was back to the city! Whoa.. lots of driving that day. lol :)

Monday we accomplished ALOT! Me and Calaigh met with the invitation people and designed her announcements, they look awesome! Then it was off to Bed, Bath and Beyond to register. We were there for around 2.5 hours. It was kinda ridiculous. My ankles were slightly swollen. lol. But they gave us two guns! hahaha. She registered for all sorts of good stuff and then some goofy fun stuff as well. I think when we turned our guns in there was over 450 items scanned. hahahaha. We went out to the Fashion Place mall to get her ring cleaned and to pick up a present from Vicky's for her soon to be sis-in-law who is getting married a month before her. The bridal shower was that night and then I headed home.
All in all it was a super fun/eventful loooonnnggg weekend. I loved it. It was much needed! Hope everyone else had an awesome Pioneer weekend!

Just hanging out/ trying to take a nap on sunday... Didn't really work out. lol

Bomb diggity massage chair we found in brookstone. Pretty cool place. lol

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me and my kitty kat :)

So last week we did a girls camping trip... that's a post for another time. lol. Anyways it's a wednesday and I have to work in the morning and then I'm supposed to head up to Downata Hot Springs when I get off. My mom forgot about half the camping items so I have to swing by my house to pick stuff up. I get inside the house, head upstairs to grab a few more items and I walk into my room. I see my bed. It's totally calling to me. I lay down thinking I'll just rest for a few minutes. I close my eyes. And then Deke crawls out from under the bed, jumps up and starts snuggling with me. This lasted for maybe two minutes before he completely passed out. I'm talking snoring and twitching. It was pretty dang cute. So I took a little cat nap (hehe) with him. It was pretty bomb. Here are some pics.

Please ignore the yucky sleepy face I have and focus on the cutie pie furball :)

He woke up and switched positions when he heard me taking pics. He's not a huge fan of the camera. lol

Love this kitty! <3

Monday, July 12, 2010


Totally random post, like most of them are, but I felt I had to share. I LOVE the way the bathroom smells at my work. Does that make me crazy? I seriously wish my whole house smelled this way. Yum! It's like a cucumber melony type smell. SO good! I've searched the whole thing and can't find where this wonderful smell is coming from.. Guess I'll have to search harder. Just thought you should know. LoL :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

Not a very original title but it sums it up. lol. So our 4th of july was very eventful. Thursday night me, Rach, Bean and Taytum drove down to logan to see my grandparents and to see the Cruise-In. It's this big car show and parade where people get to show off old cars they've restored or new ones that they love. Pretty much anyone can be in the parade. We didn't stay for the parade this year since they had it on saturday and we had places to be, people to see, things to do in Idaho. lol. Anywhoo, driving to Logan was.... stressful. Taytum had gotten shots that week and I guess she was reacting to them or something because she cried almost the entire drive. I love this little girl but I was at my patience's end. So I switched with Rach and drove while she sat in back with her baby. She's such a good mommy :) Once we got there it was time for bed. Needless to say, it was a rough night for mom and Tater. Next day we sleep in, get ready and head out to lunch with the family. Our fam loves food. I love it! :) We ate at Cafe Sabor, it's a mexican restaurant in an old train station. Mmmmm. We head back to the house and just as Rach and I are falling asleep for a much needed nap my aunt, uncle and kids arrive for the BBQ. I was determined to keep sleeping, but Rach didn't want to socialize alone... lol.
We ate some yummy hot dogs, mixed fruit and chips and then packed up the car to head home. Unfortunately we only made it to Preston. That's about 30 minutes from Logan. Rachael's AC kept going hot and cold and then her check engine light came on and then her engine temp went HOT. So we turned around and headed back to Logan with no AC in 90+ weather. Not fun. Especially since we could only go about 25 MPH, only make it about 1/2 a mile and then have to pull over for the engine to cool back down. It took us 2 hours to make the 20 mile drive. And not once did anyone stop to help us! Okay that's a lie. Some guy stopped when we had been on the road for 1h 45m. And he only stopped because of our license plates. He used to live in Rexburg or something. Three girls and a baby pulled off the road staring under the hood with confused expressions, since none of us know anything about anything when it comes to cars, and no one offered help. Ridiculous. We all vowed to take an automotive class this fall. :) We'll see if it actually happens. lol.

Anyways we made it home the next day to see our dad in the parade. Him and his Pipes and Drums band were in it. Then it was off to Smitty's for the best pancakes in the world! Seriously so good :) Then it was swimming with friends and a BBQ before heading to IF for the fireworks. We walked the green belt, bought cotton candy and kettle corn and settled in for an awesome show! Seriously the best fireworks I have seen. Way better than Logan's the night before.

Monday was an eventful day. And not a good one. I went to work and lasted until about 3. Why you ask? Because I thought I was having a heart attack. Okay not really. I know the odds of a 23 y.o. is pretty slim, but I don't know how else to describe it. Sunday night I started having chest pains and Rach was determined it was either heartburn or anxiety. I knew it wasn't heartburn and I couldn't think of anything I should be anxious about. Sunday night was rough. I would get sharp pains whenever I would roll over or change positions in bed. But I didn't want to be a baby so I went to work. Bad move on my part. I went home, told my mom and we went to the doc. I was poked, prodded, xrayed, EKGed and the end result was a discovery of an infection in my chest wall... Say what? Didn't know that was possible but apparently it is. So I got a nice big shot in my hip to jump start antibiotics and sent home with pain meds, antibiotics and instructions to rest. And total bonus! Ready for this? My mono has come back! yay! They ran some panel test and you have to score below 18 to be considered mono-free and healthy. I was at a whopping 328. Yes! So excited for that news! Ha! My doc said medically speaking you aren't supposed to be able to get mono twice. Well. Apparently the medical books are wrong, cuz I did. I'm just cool like that. lol. Anywhoo I'm feeling better chest wise, but still dog tired. But I'll get over that too. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

P.s. I'm going to be a bridesmaid!!! In Calaigh's wedding! YIPPY! So excited! :)