Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Happenings of my Life :)

Alrighty. Random seems to be my life lately. Nothing huge or notable has happened but lots of fun little things have. This isn't really fun but I have just started a book written by none other than Hilary Duff. Yeah, the girl who played Lizzie Maguire and had a few albums come out. The one and only Disney star. Who woulda thunk she could ever write? I'll let you know if it's any good. I feel like if it sucks then she was the author of it, but if it is pretty decent then someone else wrote it and she paid lots of money to have her name put on the cover. lol. Jaded much? hehe

Let's see... what else? Halloween this year kinda fell flat for me. The idea of Halloween being on a Sunday was good because then everyone can party all weekend and have an excuse for it. But I'm not sure that the execution of it was so great. Dressed up on Friday and did a party with some friends. Then we all went back to my place and watched a movie. Saturday I didn't have the energy to dress up again so we decided to scratch The Howl and just hung out in the burg. Played with friends, went spotlighting.. the usual Saturday night shenanigans. So it didn't feel like anything special. And of course living in Mormonville there was absolutely nothing to do on Sunday, even if it is one of the biggest holidays of the year. So yeah... Halloween just wasn't as grand as I thought it was gonna be. Not that I didn't have fun, because I did, it just wasn't as WOW as I thought it should have been. Does that make sense?

Woke up this morning to SNOW! It was just a sprinkling at first but it has been snowing non-stop all day and has now accumulated about 2 inches. And it doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon... which means... drumroll please..... Demolition Derby of the Burg '10 has officially started! I swear they need to have people pass a separate driving test to be allowed to drive in snow. The students up here are dipsh*ts who have no idea how to handle the roads if they have any sort of precipitation. They either drive slower than a slug or are completely reckless and take out three cars while making a right hand turn. It brings out my violent side having to be on the road with these people. We'll see how this winter turns out. Wish me luck!

Ummm... I think that's all. So now on to the pictures! They are of course random (duh. lol) but what's a post without pics right? Don't worry, I'll narrate :)

Me and my little man taking a nap on a rainy day. How cute is he?! Love him :) I think he loves me too. lol

Here's my new favorite pic of my beautiful niece! I love this girl to pieces. I don't think there is one member of our family who isn't wrapped around her finger. lol

I have pics of the snow but we've all seen snow so I'll pass on those. So I guess that all folks!