Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brainy... the new adjective to describe moi

Just kidding. lol. I wish this was true. It would make my next semester so much easier. Three lectures plus three labs. And each lab is 3 hours long. Can't figure out if that is a good thing or not. lol. Up on the block we've got Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology (ick) and Bio Part 2. I'm excited about the zoology class. I took an invertebrate/vertebrate zoology class last semester so this one is just more in-depth. It'll be wicked cool. Not sure why I just said wicked... it just came to me. lol. The Ecology one... hmmmm. I hate plants. I hate learning about the biospheres, the cycle of life, etc. But such is life that I have to suffer through such a class to save the whales. Yuck. But you know me, I'm no complainer! hahahaha. Today I am cracking myself up! Bio #2.... Not sure what to say about it. It's just more biology. Which I love. Duh :P Mostly I'm just looking forward to the classes I get to take AFTER I finish the Bio class. Like Genetics & Molecular Biology. That class is up next semester and I'm pretty excited for it. I know, I know. I'm a geek. It's one of the things that makes me charming. lol. Of course we've got a religion class thrown in. The school doesn't want me to forget my place in the world... but no worries. I'm sticking it to the man (school lol). I'll die before they get me into Prep for Eternal Marriage. I kid you not. This is a class that they offer/highly recommend. But it's this or Family Foundations. Choices, choices. Pretty sure I won't be able to decide until my final semester when I'm forced to choose. Maybe by then I'll have better options..? lol

P.s. I got out of a $100 Parking ticket today. That's right. I'm hot stuff :P
P.P.s. Is anyone watching the Bachelor? Poor Ashley. She's gonna feel like a prize idiot when she watches the show back and sees what a doucher Bentley was and how she just went on and on and on about how amazing he was, how he totally filled her heart with rainbows and unicorns... I almost feel sorry for her. But she's got hotties like JP to make up for it. Seriously. YUM. lol


  1. Sounds like a fantastic semester! I forgot that I was suppose to register the beginning of June and I was five days late! Suck! I was the first group to register and now one of the classes I need to take this fall is full. Wonderful. I'm supposed to freaking graduate in Dec too. Time to talk to those helpful and happy school counselors!

    I read in your last post that there is a possible trip to SF at the end of the July?? Are you coming to visit me with Rach, if it ends up working out? I was going to tell you. There is a whale tour that leaves out of Pier 39. Haven't looked into how much it is or if it's worth paying for, but I thought of you when I heard about it! That would be pretty cool to check out as long as it's not too pricey and the reviews are good.

    I have to agree with you on the Bentley issue. What a douche bag! I swear I've said that about 50 times in the last few episodes. I really like JP too. He seems like such a genuine guy. They look good together as a couple, not that that is the most important thing, but it is a plus. I really like Ames' personality and sense of humor from the one-on-one date. Not sure who my fav is, but I think there are a lot of good guys in this season. One of the wives out here in SF read the spoiler thing on the internet and told me who the top four guys were. I can only remember 3 of them though - I won't ruin it for you. I'm not huge into watching the bachelor/bachelorette anymore, especially after the season with Jake and the one with Ali. This season is definitely better than the last two. I just record the shows and watch them when I don't have anything else to do.

    Oh yeah, I took Prep for Eternal Marriage from Brother Lon Pyper (Rachael was in my class) like 3 years ago. It was a really good class and really easy. I think he still teaches it too. And he is hilarious! He made the class fun and it wasn't an obnoxious class. I think he still teaches it. I haven't taken Family Foundations.

  2. I was watching that show till my TV decided to stop working! Blast it!

    Sounds like a busy summer, but so much fun. xoxoxo