Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm AliVe!!

Hehe. Yes it's true. I'm still here. I've just been busy people. Sheesh... cut me a little slack... and by a little I of course mean the past 6 months. lol. Holy smokes a lot has happened. Where to begin... the beginning? Sounds good to me! Clearly I'm in a weird mood. lol

So New Year's. SAN FRANCISCO!! I know. We all did the countdown and then I went and never reported back. Sorry to keep you hanging in such suspense for sooo long. But here it is... without pics cuz my aunt has my camera... I fell completely head-over-feet in L-O-V-E with this city. Like seriously. And it wasn't because of the bridge.. which was cool if you like bridges... I don't really understand the big deal, except it was red. lol. I love the people, the places we got to see, the different cultures. It was amazing. I've always loved cities just because you get the opportunity to be anonymous and do your thing without worrying what others think. It was heaven. Everyday we'd go explore a different part of the city. I did the touristy thing, like Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, and the bridge. But my favorite parts where walking the Embarcadero every day, trying new restaurants (I'm crazy about Indian food. YUM!), discovering some mural painted on an alley wall. It was so overwhelming. You really can't take it all in in one trip sooo... I went again :) In April. Katie was turning the big 30 so I flew out for her birthday and to spend some more time with the city I fell in love with. I was more comfortable doing my own thing this time. I knew the places that I loved, Yuerba Buena park being a favorite, and I would just walk and explore all day. It was perfect. I got to meet new people on my flights, in the park, at the beach. Richard and KD were always shocked that I made a new friend. They thought I was way too friendly with people. But KD is kinda paranoid that every person is out to get me... lol. It was nice that she worried I guess. lol

It was the best two vacations ever. I never wanted to leave. But I still have things to finish up here in the Burg before I can move on. So I guess for now SF will just be my new go-to vacay spot. lol.... And quite possibly there might be another trip coming up end of July... :)

On to less exciting things. Right after I got back from my first SF trip I headed down to Las Vegas a week later to help my great-grandma celebrate her 91st birthday! I always love these trips. The whole family goes down. We eat, play, sunbathe. It's always a good escape.

I've decided this is going to be my year of travel. I think I'm doing pretty good so far. 2 trips to SF, possibly 3, 4 days in Vegas, a weekend in Park City with my mom and sisters for our birthdays, a weekend in Jackson Hole WY just to get away, 3 different trips down to Logan to see family and just recently I spent Memorial Weekend in Tooele, UT at the superbike races. That was a lot of fun. Me, Kendell, Ashley and Kelsey headed down on Sunday and spent the night with an old friend Tyler. Woke up Monday morning and hit the tracks, drove home that night. I love road trips, even if they're short ones. I've been invited to hit up Ireland in August. We'll see if I can come up with the money for it, but somehow I'm thinking I won't be making that trip. Which really bums me out because I'd love to see that place. But I'll get there eventually. lol

We finally hit the water for the first time of the season! It was so much fun. Me, Ash and Kendell spent most of the day getting the boat ready. Who knew you had to wash, buff, polish, wash again and then wax it just to put it in the water.... doesn't make much sense to me. By the end of all that work my arms felt like wet noodles! All that wax on, wax off stuff really gets ya. lol. And to top off all this hard work we ended up taking someone else's boat! Hopefully tomorrow is a decent day and we can take this baby out! I love being on the water. Not so much behind the boat as in it, but I'm working on that fear. lol. What else.... I'm going to be an aunt again!! Rach is popping out a boy right around Taytum's 2nd birthday. I'm so excited for the little man to get here!

I can't really think of anything else. Life is going good. I seem to be constantly busy. I'm loving my life right now. And I'm way excited that summer is finally starting to show up. Who knows what adventures this summer will give me. lol. So far we have two camping trips planned, a white water rafting trip, a car show in Tooele and Logan, and endless bonfires and spurlunking in caves... It's gonna be a good summer :) And if you made it this far, thanks caring about my life. lol. xoxoxo


  1. Hey, you never know who might be a zombie. Just sayin.... lol

  2. I agree with her - san fran is not the place to be making random friends :) but hey, i'm glad you're having fun!