Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life as I know it

So. School has officially started. I'm on my third day back and it's going pretty good. I think this semester is going to be easier than I originally thought. I'm not sure if I'm happy about this or not. Right now all the classes just seem to be more of a review of previous things I've learned, so I'm hoping they get a little more in-depth within the next couple of weeks. I'm shocked to find myself admitting such a thing, but my Ecology class is actually quite interesting. I know! I feel like I'm betraying my beloved biology but you can't help what your heart decides to love. lol.

Rach had her beautiful baby boy on Sept 6th at 11:03 pm. It was a very long labor. She started labor on Sunday, the 4th, went to the hospital and they sent her home since she wasn't very far along. And then her labor decided to stop. Lame-sauce :P So me and Beaner took her and Taytum for a walk around the greenbelt to see if exercise would speed things along. It didn't. She made it all the way to Tuesday morning where she went in and got induced. It was a very long day full of waiting for the little turkey to get here. He was quite content to just stay inside mom all day and laze around. lol. We finally talked some sense into him and convinced him how awesome the outside world really is and he made his appearance! :) He's the total opposite of Taytum. She is a wild child in every definition of the word and this little dude just sleeps and lets you snuggle on him all day. He's pretty much the coolest kid ever. lol

I have moved into my house! I found an adorable 3 bed/2 bath house in a craftsman style setting that I am in love with. I love having a place that I look forward to coming home to every day. My two roommates are pretty awesome as well. Me and Kacy obviously have a lot of fun and we convince Jess to hang out with us when she's home. For the most part we all do our own thing which I really love, because me and my quiet time are must haves. lol. On a much more serious note, one that has had me crying everyday, is that Deke, my sweet handsome baby, has gotten lost. I put him in the backyard on our first night and a board was missing in the fence. I went out the next morning to find him gone and my heart totally broken. I've been going out every night for hours walking around and calling for him but no luck so far. All the animal shelters, vet clinics and police station have his photo and description. I'm hoping some family will find him and realize that he's someone's baby and turn him in. So please keep in your prayers! I'll keep you updated on his return. Because I will find him. Everything else just isn't an option.

That's a very depressing thought to end on so some more exciting news is my uncle Chaddy is finally tying the knot. The wedding is at the end of the month and I'm excited because weddings in our family our pretty much the party of the year type quality. lol. Okay maybe not that high up, but we do have a DJ, a dance floor and yummy food. And really, what more can you ask for?

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